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Jacksonville Jaguars defeat Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Post Game Quotes

Jack Del Rio

Opening statement:

"What an effort.  I am very proud of our guys.  All the coaches, the players in that locker room, I really felt like you just witnessed a team empty their bucket.  It required all of us.  Obviously, this is a team that hadn't been beaten here at home. A lot of things, a lot of different factors that made this a difficult game; we came in here and the guys played with tremendous energy and determination.  It wasn't the cleanest game I have ever coached, but certainly one of the most satisfying victories in terms of getting a complete effort.  We had backups for backups, we had emergency guys that were thrown into spots and kept fighting, kept coming and kept banging away.  We were able to scratch and claw a victory.  We talked about having to scratch and claw and it didn't matter how we could get it, somehow, someway get win number five.  We got that today and I am really proud of these guys.  Obviously, a lot of things we need to look at, some good some bad.  We will make the corrections and go on to the next one.  It is the beginning of a three game road stretch that we are fortunate enough to have this year.  We will try to make the most of it, and we got off to a good start tonight."

On starting the game with 14 consecutive run plays:

"I didn't realize it was 14 in a row. I know we wanted to come out and be very deliberate and run at them, and we did that."

On the defense's performance:

"Brian Williams wasn't able to go, so Aaron Glenn steps in and obviously had a huge impact on the game.  That is why he is here.  We are fortunate enough to have a guy like that that is capable to step in, [a] veteran presence, [a] good football player.  They tried to check off and throw one at him; he took it the distance for a big play in the game.  Obviously, we did some good things today.  The defense rose up.  At the end there, that kind of game can get away from you there.  You don't ever want to give them the ball back.  They were called upon to go out there, to get a stop. [The] defense came up big and got another takeaway and iced the win."

On the secondary performance:

"I thought they played well.  They were called on quite a bit.  Their quarterback had been red hot, he has been throwing it 70 plus percent, he hadn't turned the ball over; we got three tonight.  Some good things going on out there."

CB Aaron Glenn

On his interception for a touchdown:

"They do a lot of quick passing anyway, that's certain information. We knew that they were going to run and hit you, and one thing throughout my career, I'm confident that if I see something, I'm going to take my chance at it. I tried to make the play, that's what corners do, sometimes you make them and sometimes you don't. I'm just fortunate to have been able to make the play at the time."

On if he was prepared to go in and start:

"I go every week prepared to start, that's what you're supposed to do in this league, that's what a professional is supposed to do. One thing that if my number is called, I'll always be ready to play. It's not a fact that I think it's going to be me to come out there and start, I'm always prepared to start, they just called my number to play this week and I was ready."


On today's game:

"It's a big win, especially when you come on the road with a hostile crowd like here in Tampa.  We were playing against a great defense.  We prepared all week for the speed of their defense.  The game plan was to run the ball and we did that.  We did what we needed to and came out with the victory."

On running the ball 14 or 15 times before attempting a pass:

"It was part of [the game plan].  Whatever it takes to win.  We're just trying to put points on the board, and if it takes running the ball 15 to 20 times before we throw a pass, so be it.  We're just trying to get the win.  Right now we're on a three game road trip ahead of us.  Number one is down, we came out with a win.  We have to go and watch the film, get better from my mistakes, and go on to road game number two."

On the Tampa defense stacking the box with eight to nine players:

"They put nine guys in the box and we still ran the ball on them.  The game plan was we knew they were going to stack the box because we have a good running game with Fred [Taylor] and Maurice [Jones-Drew] back there.  The offensive line did a great job with the things that were stacked against them as far as the eight guys in the box, sometimes nine.  They did a tremendous job opening holes here and there for Fred and Maurice and especially [LaBrandon] Toefield. Toe stepped up this week.  When my number was called I tried to do the best I could to put points on the board.  We did that towards the end."


On how his injured leg feels:

"Well, during the week I just wanted to get it to where it was playable.  The trainers did a great job, the coaches did a good job of believing in me when I was telling them I was fine.  Today my leg wasn't hurting at all so I felt back to normal.  We just started rolling three backs in, three and four backs and we kept our running game going.  We knew they were going to bring a lot at us, we were just going to have to run the ball and occasionally play action pass.  It was a great team effort."

On the team's collective thought of seeing this string of road games on the schedule:

"We only really saw it as just one on the road, and that was Tampa Bay.  Now we have another one.  We have the Saints on the road next and that is our next big test.  We just have to be able to maintain this momentum."


On the win:

"This is a huge win. Coming out the way we did, especially after Monday night, it was great to come out and get on the winning track, especially against a team like Tampa, undefeated at home. They were a hot team, and we were just glad to get back on track."


On his take on tonight's game and the adversity he faced:

"It was a total team effort tonight, guys were stepping in, guys were cramping up.  Aaron Glen, he picked the ball off, he hadn't been getting that many reps throughout the season.  He cramped up, Scott Starks had to come in there.  All these guys were getting IV's at halftime.  Everybody got an opportunity to touch the ball.  Quinn [Gray], he controlled the game without hurting anything.  The defense played well, they played an outstanding game.  The bottom line is we got the win.  Pretty ugly but it didn't matter, we got the victory."

On Quinn Gray's first start and if he thought he would get a lot of carries tonight:

"Well, as a back you definitely want that carry, you want as many carries as you can possibly handle.  At the same time you don't want them to be suicidal carries.  You want to kind of mix it up a little bit.  Tampa did a great job.  They did a great job containing our run.  We thought we would have a bigger day on the ground, but they were flying around with a lot of energy coming from that side of the ball.  They are going to win a lot of ball games. As running backs, though, we are always up for the challenge.  No matter how many guys are up in the box, eight, nine, we always feel we can run it on anyone."