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Week 8 Random Thoughts...

Happy Monday everyone!  I know that we're not quite through our NFL week just yet with the exciting match-up of Green Bay and Denver.  I've got no real opinion on the game, other than my deep set resentment toward Denver.  Therefore I'm gonna root for the Pack tonight.

Of course, I'll also be rooting for Kornheiser to be fired, but that's just cause I re-watched the Jags Monday night game and couldn't believe his sycophantry toward Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Speaking of the Patriots, I've come to an important realization.  While I have no sympathy toward the Good vs. Evil theme that will be shoved down our throats as we lead up into the MOST IMPORTANT MOMENT IN HUMAN HISTORY, I've got an opinion (a blogger with an opinion?) about who we should root for. You see, I have a good reason to not like the Colts.  They're a constant barrier to the Jaguars rise to dominance.  They have a style of play that I find unappealing.  I think Peyton Manning has the personality of a Sea Slug.  I can't stand their uniforms, their GM, or their players.  I think Bob Sanders is a poor imitation of Chuck Norris, and I think Stampede Blue is a Silly Place.

But they're not the New England Patriots.
 For this week, and this week alone, I am advocating all readers of this site to swallow any "anti Colts" feelings that they may have and in their own way support Indianapolis as they are our last great hope to derail the hype machine that is New England.

Here are 6 reasons why.

  1.  We're already familiar with Colts Hype.  As Jaguars fans, we're used to the media giving Peyton and Company all sorts of attention.  It's no change of pace as far as we're concerned if the Colts knock down the Pats and we get 24/7 coverage of the Colts, as we're always thinking about our next game with them anyhow.
  2. It makes our loss to the Colts less painful.  It's petty rationalization, but if the Colts beat the Pats, we get a "pass" for losing to them on Monday Night, cause they beat the best.
  3.  It gives us a "second chance" at National Credibility (as silly as that is) when we go to Indianapolis for the second AFC South Matchup.  Colts beat the Pats, then We beat the Colts, all of a sudden the momentum we lost on Monday Night is back.
  4.  It's the right thing to do.  There is a chance, albeit slight, that Boston Sports could win the majority of sports titles this year.  Think about it, Boston College, Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics all look strong (or won, in the case of the Sox).  Imagine the smug arrogance coming out of Boston for the next decade if the Patriots are allowed to continue their punishing march of dominance over the NFL?  Imagine the pain we'll feel when folks like these are allowed to back up any smack talk with "how many titles did [insert city here] win in one year?
  5. It dosen't hurt the Jaguars if the Colts win.  Seriously, unless something amazing happens, we're going to be a wild card team.  If I was advocating supporting the Titans, you could crucify me.  What I'm saying is beyond the battles of the AFC South and instead a battle over what is right with the world. We need to knock the Patriots off their block, and the entire NFL should support that effort.  This week, it's the Colts, next week I'll be screaming my head off for a "Bye" defeat of the  Pats.  It's just the right thing to do.  
  6. Cause I love pain.  Seriously, I look forward to the stream of Patriots fans who find this insulting and find my little site here on the intertubes and cry foul at my arrogance.  I had the experience of living with a few die hard Boston fans, I know how they get when they detect the slightest degree of resistance toward their domination.  I willingly accept such a fate.
That, of course, will be all I say on the subject of Pats v. Colts.  I do, as always, encourage you to visit Pats Pulpit and of course our dear friends at Stampede Blue.

Fred Taylor is writing a book about his experiences in College and in the NFL.  Allegedly  it's got some Juicy stuff in it, but we'll have to wait 2 or 3 years after he retires to see it.  I bet he's got some strong opinions about the way the Jaguars were led and organized, and probably something to say about the treatment of older players.  I'm glad he's waiting till he's out of the game to bring it out though, I'll be salivating at the thought of an insiders look inside the Jaguars.

Don't look now, but the Chargers and the Saints have won their last three games.  Pity that the Saints have to host the Jaguars this week.

With Basketball season just around the corner, I have to throw a shout out to my favorite NBA writer.  Matt at Blog a Bull is not only a fantastic writer, but he does a heck of a job keeping a Chicago outsider like myself informed.  Is it lame that I want the Bulls to trade for Kobe to steal the thunder from the Celtics and KG?

I mentioned having a surprise yesterday.  I encourage everyone to stop by this site tomorrow morning for something new!

That's all the random thoughts I have for now.  We're going to have a normal "pre-game" week here at Big Cat Country.  Tonight and Tomorrow we'll finish thinking about our win over the Bucs, we'll reach out to our friends in the Saints Blog-o-Sphere, make some predictions, look at some power rankings, and get all psyched up for a trip to the Big Easy!