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David Garrard: Starting next week?

Great News, the Quinn Gray era is going to be shorter than we thought. is reporting that David Garrard "should" be the starter against the Titans on November 11th.

And I quote:

"He's likely to walk around this week," coach Jack Del Rio said of David Garrard, who missed Sunday's game in Tampa with a high-ankle sprain Garrard sustained in last Monday's loss to the Colts. "The most likely scenario is that he'll return against the Titans (Nov. 11). It would be very difficult for him to play this week."

Whew.  Not to sound like I have no faith in Quinn to manage the team until David is 100%, but that game against Tampa was a little high strung for my tastes.  What we saw is the result of being completely one dimensional on offense.  Did you see Fred, Maurice, LaBrandon, and Greg get thrown into 8 and 9 man boxes like I did?  It was terrifying, no way can we create holes and seams in conditions like that.  Walter Peyton and Jim Brown couldn't punch through fronts like that.

Let's face it, we need what David offers, and that's a legitimate passing threat that's not going to turn the ball over.

And yeah, I know that Quinn diddn't throw any picks.  Which is probably a result of his consistent overthrowing of very tall wide receivers.

Yeah, I'm being way to hard on the guy.  He did enough to win the game and that's all we need.  I think the team won a fantastically gritty and important win for their confidence and will carry that over into New Orleans.

But that doesn't mean I won't look forward to David's return to the offense.

Now, I am considering the possibiity that this is Del Rio screwing with the Titans.  It's not unlike an NFL team to play games with opponents, especially in a big Divisional game like the one we'll be facing.  Better to make the Titans prepare for two quarterbacks instead of one.

That said, I really look forward to the return of our offensive monster.  The grinding destructive force that feeds on clock time and yards.  You might remember him from the Denver and Kansas City games.

Yeah, that's the one.