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Marcus Stroud to be Suspended?

I hate seeing our team pop up in the Pro Football Talk "Rumor Mill", simply because they love hating on Jacksonville and inevitably it's very bad news.

So here's what's up (clearly not good news)


As it turns out, Angelo Wright's intuition was accurate.

The agent for defensive tackle Grady Jackson sensed that something was going on when the Jaguars called Wright on Sunday night to commence talks aimed at bringing the veteran run-stuffer to Jacksonville.  Since the call came on Sunday after a game, we assumed that maybe Marcus Stroud and/or John Henderson had been banged up in the Bucs game.

As it turns out, Stroud likely will be unavailable.  Due to a looming suspension for violation of the policy on anabolic steroids and related substances.

Our friends at 1010XL in Jacksonville have broken the news of the looming suspension.  Per the report, the "A" sample has been confirmed as a positive and the "B" sample is still being tested.  Stroud will have a right to an appeal hearing before the suspension is finalized.

So if Stroud gets to hang around for a few more games before the suspension is imposed, it means that Jackson will have a few more weeks to get ready to play.  

UPDATE:  The Florida Times-Union also is reporting the news.  We don't know whether they had it before 1010XL.  If they did, good for them.  If they didn't, good for 1010XL.  Maybe Stroud can investigate it during his month off.

Also reported via the Florida Times-Union

Stroud's positive test came from "taking some supplements," according to a league source. His 'A' sample came back positive last week, and per the drug policy, Stroud exercised the right to have his 'B' sample tested on Monday.

According to a league source, Stroud is not likely to appeal the suspension. An appeal might allow Stroud to play in the club's next few games. But if Stroud were to lose the appeal, he could be out of action for several key late-season games.

The suspension could go into effect as soon as Sunday, when the club travels to New Orleans to play the Saints. The Jags expect to receive notification from the NFL by Friday and at the latest, early next week.

Jaguars officials declined to comment about the possible suspension, citing confidentiality terms of the NFL's drug policy.

In anticipation of Stroud's absence, the Jaguars on Tuesday, signed free agent nose tackle Grady Jackson, who was released last week by the Falcons, to a one-year deal. Jackson was released last week by the Atlanta Falcons.

Now before everyone starts to panic, remember that Stroud hasn't been playing at 100% as he's still recovering from his Ankle Surgery.  While we should never be thankful for a suspension, it's useful that it'll just be for 4 games and give him a little more time to get back to the Nasty Stroud way of mind that we're used having on the field.

Grady Jackson has a huge hole to fill, no pun intended.