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Jaguars v Chiefs: Post Game Quotes

Jack Del Rio:

On the game today: "A very solid road win for us today against a good football team in a tough environment. It's our second challenge in a row against the AFC West and I'm really proud of our football team. We thought that it was imperative that we were able to run the football and be able to slow them down in the run game. We were able to get that done today and I have a tremendous amount of respect for their workhorse RB Larry Johnson. He's a premier runner that is very strong, very fast and a very tough player. We were able to limit his opportunities and that was a big part of the game for us."

On the Jaguars defensive play: "Anytime you are playing good defense, you are tackling well. I think the fundamentals of football are so important, particularly on defense shedding blocks and being able to tackle. I thought we were very solid in those areas today for the most part. It wasn't perfect and you can always go back and see examples where you can be better. We have a lot of respect for (Larry Johnson) and you have to wrap up and bring extra people because he's pretty darn good. A quality overall effort."

On RB Larry Johnson: "He's talented and he can dominate a football game. I think (stopping Johnson) was the key coming in here and really slowing him down. We thought that they would complete a pass or two, but we were forcing them into situations of having to throw the ball and not allowing Larry to get going."

On the Chiefs missed FG during the game's first drive: "We were ready to give a good strong effort. We talked this week about the need to withstand an early surge at home here for the Chiefs. They are a very strong football team. The fans get into it and there was going to be a lot of emotion that we had to withstand an early surge. We had a couple of lapses (on that drive) and they made a couple of nice plays to get down there and then we buckled down and got them stopped and made them try a field goal attempt. We had great effort on the play and were actually in a position to block it had the ball been kicked straight. It was great pressure on the kick and it forced him to miss."

On the Arrowhead Stadium environment: "No question it is a difficult place to play. The crowd forced a few false starts. The crowd is into it and they are an educated crowd. There is no question that they can have an impact on your football team if you are not on top of your game."


On his own play: "There are still throws out there that I would like to make. We had some big plays towards the end that I really wanted to hit and get some more touchdowns under my belt. It was a good day and the receivers did a great job of catching the ball. Everybody was playing up to their ability and that's what we have to have. We have to have guys selling out and if we can get that each week we can beat anybody."


On QB David Garrard: "He's been doing great. He's been finding the guys that are open. He's not turning the ball over and he's just keeping us alive, scrambling, getting guys open and throwing the ball on the run. That's what we need."


On the Jaguars defensive performance: "When we were covering we didn't need a pass rush and when the (Chiefs wide receivers) got open we had a pass rush and they couldn't see the routes. It's a combination of both those things."

On the game's final play: "I thought I had that ball to get the shutout, but the ball just kept floating on me. Overall, it was a shutout for our defense. I wanted to intercept that pass more than anything. That ball was wobbling and just hung up in the air, but it kept floating on me."

On RB Larry Johnson: "We knew that #27 was going to be their main guy and if we stopped him they would have a long day. Our front seven completed the task at hand by stopping #27 and they couldn't beat us throwing the ball either. We put together a great defensive effort today."


On the Jaguar's defensive performance: "We pride ourselves on playing good defense. Everybody knows what happened in the first week and since then we've been striving to get better and get back to where we are supposed to be going out and playing tough physical defense. It's a process, but we just have to continue moving forward."