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Jacksonville Jaguars v. Tennessee Titans: Preview!

Update [2007-11-11 12:20:40 by River City Rage]: Jaguars Inactives: Josh Scobee, LaBrandon Toefield, Matt Jones, Aaron Glenn, Roy Manning, Brent Hawkins, Dennis Norman. David Garrard is the third quarterback.

David won't play. That's a shame. I think this is a bad sign.

Titans Inactives: Paul Williams, Chris Davis, Chris Brown, Kelly Herndon, Ahmard Hall, Leroy Harris, Travis LaBoy, Albert Haynesworth.

Update [2007-11-11 11:36:54 by River City Rage]: Albert Haynesworth will not play today with a Hamstring Injury. I hate using Injuries as good news, but he's been playing out of this world all season (the Ye Olde Contract Rule Rule!). Good News all around...

Top of the Morning to you folks! I know i've been posting a little less this week (contrary to the Rumor, it's not because of the Writers Strike) Although I do completely and totally support the WGA.  But that's a completely irrelevent tangent to the multitude of issues we've got to address this morning.

Let's start with the basics, shall we?


Who: The Jacksonville Jaguars (5-3) vs. the Tennessee Titans (6-2)

Where: In Tennessee, at the fantastic LP Field in Nashville.  I've not been to a game there (Jimmy from Music City Miracles is going, and I'm jealous) but I've heard going to one there is a real treat.  I don't know how Titans fans would treat a Jaguar in their midst, but I wish I could be there.

When: 1:00, Noon if you're stuck where I'm stuck.

What's at Stake: The wild card, quite frankly.  Jaguars win they've got an inside track on the Wild Card, particularly if the Steelers beat the upstart Browns.  Don't believe me?  Here's Vic from the Blog:

A Jaguars win would, in my opinion, make them a favorite for a wild-card berth. In fact, I'll go so far as to say if the Jaguars win, they'll make the playoffs. A Jaguars loss wouldn't be disastrous, provided Pittsburgh beats Cleveland, because the Jaguars wouldn't have lost any significant ground in the wild-card race. The extreme downside would be represented by a Jaguars loss and a Cleveland win. Should that occur, the Jaguars would fall behind Cleveland and Pittsburgh would enter the wild-card picture, too. That's the one scenario that needs to be avoided.

See, I'm totally not crazy to suggest that this game has everything to do with the Jaguars going to the Playoffs.  If you combine a win here with San Diego continuing to dominate the AFC West (or beating the Chargers next week) You've got the Jaguars holding a tie break over an entire division.  We know nobody from the AFC East is wild card bound (except for maybe Buffalo, and that's still a long shot), AFC North should be Steeler country, AFC South will belong to the Colts.  So we've got a chance here to make some solid ground toward the playoffs.

If we win.  A loss starts us on the path of depending on other teams.  I'd much rather hold the keys to our own destiny, but that's just me.

We just have to go through a pretty tough Titans team and that's no easy task given what their defense has done this year.

Who's the man: I guess we won't know till inactives are posted.  Quinn Gray took the majority of the snaps in practice this week while David Garrard worked with the Scout team.  Is Jack playing a little mind game with the Titans?  I'd assume he's having them prepare for both quarterbacks knowing full and well who's gonna take the job.  In fact, he's probably known since Wednesday, but that's neither here nor there.

The Defense, that's who's gotta be the man.  They got destroyed by a fantastic passer last week.  Now we face one of the worst passers in the league.  The Jaguars defense has to be out for blood today after the embarrassment they took against the Saints.  This should be easy, we just put 9 guys in the box and dare Vince to throw. Brian Williams didn't appear on the Injury List this week, so we'll have our normal secondary, thank god.

*How do we Win:? Simple, get back to long time consuming drives that feature our running game and low risk passes. Win the time of Possession battle and it's over...except for that last time we played the Titans at home and we won every possible statistically battle and were ripped apart by interceptions and mental errors.

Make a play.  That's all I ask.  If our Offense, Defense, and Special Teams could come up with just one big play.  Say a big TD run by Fred Taylor, a critical interception by the Defense, and a blocked punt by our Special Teams.  All we need is that one critical big play that it seems we've lacked all season.  It's a cool day in November, if not now, when?

I'll be moving this party to my local sports pub because I can't see the game at home.  So my posting will be dependent on WiFi, Electricity, and Beer.

Enjoy the Game, and GO JAGUARS!!!