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Jacksonville Jaguars v. Tennessee Titans: 1st Quarter Open Thread

Update [2007-11-11 13:23:28 by River City Rage]: Touchdown Greg Jones...from a Pass...Great drive?

Update [2007-11-11 13:20:46 by River City Rage]: 1st and 5, very nice. Time for a TD!

Update [2007-11-11 13:18:38 by River City Rage]:19 attempts on 4th down. Insane. I miss Scobee, but I like our confidence...

Update [2007-11-11 13:16:12 by River City Rage]:THERE IT IS! 10,000 YARDS!!!! TEn Thousand Yards! What a record! What a Guy! Of course it sucks that it happened away, but whatever. Here's to you Fred!!!!!

Update [2007-11-11 13:11:49 by River City Rage]: Punt goes into the end zone. Might have been a little tripping on that 3rd down run by Vince, but the outcome is the same. Allright, lets see that long time consuming Jaguars offense that we loved so much earlier this season. Lots of runs, lots of first downs and lots of clock!

Update [2007-11-11 13:9:55 by River City Rage]:Paul Spicer is already having a great day. He's the best player on our defensive line. Considering the company, that's high praise. Or really disappointing. 3rd an 13, sucks for Vince. Oh, we get The Hoc! Welcome to the Gun Show!

Update [2007-11-11 13:7:24 by River City Rage]: I don't want to be in the Mike Peterson/Reggie Hayward sandwich. That looks ugly.

Update [2007-11-11 13:3:10 by River City Rage]:Titans win he Toss, Here we go!

Update [2007-11-11 12:54:10 by River City Rage]: Don't forget, Fred Taylor only needs 13 yards to break 10,000. It's not too much to expect him to get that today...right?

Here we go folks, 10 min or so till game time.  This is your "official thread" for my spastic in game commentary, as well as whatever facts and thoughts I can ascertain from the radio feed.

Here's to a good game (with no Injuries, especially to our offensive line)