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Jaguars defeat Chargers: 24-17

Update [2007-11-18 16:36:50 by River City Rage]: Did you see the Field Goal Maddness at the end of Browns/Ravens? Baltimore has to be pissed. As am I, cause I think the Jaguars need the Browns to lose, but good job on the Ref's part to get the call right.

Domination.  That's the name of the game.

Domination at the line of scrimmage, domination in the secondary, domination in special teams.

Nothing makes me happier than a complete game like this.  All three elements came together and performed at their best.

And let's not forget about David Garrard, who played like he never missed any time.  This was the sort of game that the "old" Jaguars would have dropped.

I'm completely impressed.  The only thing that would have made this better would have been a Colts loss, but whatever.  We've got our eye on the playoffs now, whatever happens with the Division is out of our hands.

Win baby Win, that's all it'll take.

I'll be back in a bit with more cohesive analysis.

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