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Washington Redskins Sean Taylor passes...

Image care of Bucktown Skins Fan

There are many better sites than this one to pay your respects and learn more about the man and the player that is Sean Taylor.

Personally, I knew Sean through his play at "The U.  I never followed the Redskins terribly closely, but you couldn't help but notice all the huge hits and big plays Taylor made.  Yeah, he had his off the field problems, but the guy  was fearless on the gridiron.

We forget sometimes how frail, how mortal, how human these players can be.  We raise them on pedestals and raise them up so high that we're surprised when they do something human. What is particularly hard for me to understand is that he was only 24 years old, the same age as your humble narrator.  I can't imagine what my parents and family would go through losing a son so young, I can't possibly understand how Sean's family must feel...

I'd encourage you to visit the following sites for  more perspective and thoughts from a Redskins perspective.

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Hall of Canes (University of Miami)

I'll be back later with Jaguars news and notes...