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Jacksonville Jaguars v. Indianapolis Colts: Wednesday Injury Report

It's that time of the week where we start to see what the Injury picture looks like for the game on Sunday.  For the Jaguars, it looks like we're doing ok, though we did send two Tight Ends (Greg Estandia and George Wrightster) to the Injured Reserve this week, so it sort of offsets.

Jaguars: 11.28.07 Practice
LB Mike Peterson: Hand, Out
WR John Broussard: Ankle, Limited   
RB/FB Greg Jones: Knee, Limited
WR Dennis Northcutt: Foot, Limited

Mike Peterson is staying on the report because we'd like to have him back for the playoffs.  He had surgery on his hand on Tuesday, and it'll be unclear when he'll return to practice.  Jack Del Rio has made it clear that he won't play unless he has functional use of his hand.  We're not having the debacle of the New England playoff game where a club hand allowed a huge Ben Watson touchdown.

Other than Mike, the rest of the injuries are minimal and all are practicing to at least some extent.  John Broussard is still suffering from a nagging ankle injury.  Greg Jones is probably just resting his knee as he's still coming back from an ACL repair from last season.  I've got no news on Dennis Northcutt, but as soon as I find out, I'll let you know!

Colts 11.28/07 Practice

OT Ryan Diem: Ankle, Did not Pratice
OT Dan Federkeil: Concussion, DNP
WR Marvin Harrison: Knee, DNP
DB Dante Hughes: Shoulder, DNP
DB Tim Jennings: Upper Leg, DNP
OT Charlie Johnson: Hamstring, DNP
DB Bob SandersL Team Decision, DNP
TE Ben Utecht: Groin, DNP

Ok, where to start...

Ryan Diem is the starting Right Tackle, he was out with a sore left ankle, he is considered questionalbe
Federkeil is out with a Concussion, but shouldn't be a concern because Tony Ugoh is back at Left Tackle after missing time from a neck injury.

Wide Receiver Marvin Harrison was supposed to play  this weekend but according to Tony Dungy, this is less than likely:

Also out, again, was perennial Pro Bowl receiver Marvin Harrison (bruised left knee). He hasn't played since the last Jacksonville game on Oct. 22, and although the Colts had targeted this week as Harrison's return date, it doesn't appear likely he'll play Sunday.

When asked whether he'd welcome Harrison's return this week, Manning responded: "Yeah, but I wouldn't count on it."

Dungy said Harrison, who has missed a career-high six games, feels about the same and would be monitored by team doctors throughout the week.

I'll have more on the others as I find out.  As usual, please check up on Stampede Blue for the latest on all these Colts injuries...


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