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Jaguars v. Saints: 3rd Quarter Live Blog

Update [2007-11-4 15:36:36 by River City Rage]:It's not much, but Fred Taylor seems to finally be getting a little traction. He only needs 19 more to get to 10,000. Of course, Fred Taylor could care less. He wants to win.

Update [2007-11-4 15:30:17 by River City Rage]:How can we let him stand in the pocket that long. Why is David Patten looking like a super star? Where is our defense? Is it the absence of Brian Williams that makes things so messed up? I just don't get it. Especially the flagrantly missed tackles and blown coverages.

Update [2007-11-4 15:28:4 by River City Rage]:Not to be a doubter, but if we were going to drop one, this is an OK one to drop. It's not in the division, we'll be healthy for the Titans, and we can come right back in to the hunt. But damn it hurts playing this bad.

Update [2007-11-4 15:21:11 by River City Rage]:Bad spot, measurement break, probably gonna be a punt. Yup, def a punt. A bad punt. And now Brees get's the ball back. Great.

Update [2007-11-4 15:19:8 by River City Rage]: My oh my, whatever are we going to do. There is plenty of time left in this game, and our defense is getting PLENTY of rest. I like the use of Marcades Lewis. Damn, Fred Taylor tried his best to make a great block.

Update [2007-11-4 15:13:24 by River City Rage]:INTERCEPTION, Pick Six. Terrible throw by Gray, terrible terrible terrible thrown. That ball should have been aimed at the sideline, not the field. Disgusting.

Update [2007-11-4 15:12:5 by River City Rage]:Nope, next to no gain. And we're going for it. 4th and 4. This is insane(ly awesome)

Update [2007-11-4 15:11:14 by River City Rage]:3rd and 9, we need this conversion.

Update [2007-11-4 15:10:48 by River City Rage]:Great, now we're killing ourselves with penalties. Barnes was benched for the first half for breaking team rules. Now we know.

Update [2007-11-4 15:9:1 by River City Rage]:Great throw and catch to Reggie Williams, Taunting penalty against Reggie Williams. Lame. Great play to make the 1st down, stupid move to put us back. I was going to say something about how tightly Reggie Williams holds onto the ball after the catch.

Update [2007-11-4 15:6:47 by River City Rage]:Wilford has 15 catches this season, 13 for a first down. Northcutt with the Reverse, slight gain, but not much.

Update [2007-11-4 15:6:4 by River City Rage]: Fred Taylor just can't get it going today. I think we should be attacking the edges a little more. Even if that means more MoJo and less Taylor. 3rd and 4, we have to convert. WE HAVE to convert. Wilford get's the catch and the 1st down. Whew.

Update [2007-11-4 15:4:21 by River City Rage]: Here we go, Jags have the ball on the 21 or so. Jones-Drew never had a chance to get up to speed. Let's have a good long drive here!

Halftime, thank god.  

Some stats: Jacksonville has 6 first downs, Saints an astounding 22, 19 of which came through the air.  Jacksonville is only 1-6 on 3rd down, Saints 2-6.  

Jaguars are getting 4.2 yards per rush, the Saints 5.3.

Most importantly, the Saints have 399 yards of total offense. 336 of which came off the arm of Brees.

We're very very lucky to only be down by a TD.  I don't know what adjustments can be made, but they better think of something...