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Jaguars v. Saints: 4th Quarter Live Blog

Update [2007-11-4 16:11:26 by River City Rage]: 2 min warning, Fred needs 13 yards. For the first time ever, I'm declaring that it is the Defense that is to blame for this loss. I'm disgusted by the play. It's worse than embarrassing...

Update [2007-11-4 16:8:5 by River City Rage]:539 Yards of offense by the Saints. The most EVER against the Jaguars. I wanted to set a record today, but not one like that. What a terrible performance all around. I know it's been a bad week for the team, but we've got to get our heads out of our asses...

Update [2007-11-4 16:4:53 by River City Rage]:3:58 left in the 4th, I'd say we're in "game over" territory. Be wary NFC, the Saints are the best team in the conference.

Update [2007-11-4 15:58:6 by River City Rage]:Ok, I'm chilling out. Jags have a 3rd and 1 to hold the Saints offense. I've got a radio feed, so I'm at least able to listen. Not that I'm expecting two more TD's out of the Jags, but there's so much time left. The Radio guys are pinpointing the Defensive line (Reggie, Marcus and John) as the reasons the defense is struggling.

Update [2007-11-4 15:55:33 by River City Rage]: I don't understand it. Why did the game go away? Why am I watching the Bengals? Why do I care about the Bills?

Update [2007-11-4 15:53:9 by River City Rage]: TOUCHDOWN JAGUARS. Dennis Northcut turned a short pass into a TD. OH GOD, CBS JUST SWITCHED THE GAME....I'M IN A FURY...WHY DO I CARE ABOUT THE BILLS AND THE BENGALS?

Update [2007-11-4 15:51:36 by River City Rage]: Reggie Williams has 118 yards, he (I think) is the first Jaguars receiver to have 100 yards or more in a game. JOHN BROUSSARD with a HUGE catch. I love the "go deep and run fast" Broussard play.

Update [2007-11-4 15:46:4 by River City Rage]:I Really hope Fred gets his 19 yards so we can have something positive to talk about this week.

Update [2007-11-4 15:45:26 by River City Rage]:Stroud limped off, good thing he gets some time off. Brees has 400 yards passing.

Update [2007-11-4 15:41:41 by River City Rage]:Bletch.  What a terrible "drive".  Yuck.  It's hard to watch.  There is something positive though, our punt coverage team is doing a great job.  I think they're the only group that's done a respectable job.  Special Teams, I'll give you a b- for your efforts.  Of course, were you to cover that onside kick at the start, we might have not gotten so jazzed up right at the start.

Here we go, last 15 min to play.  Time to make something positive out of this terrible game.

Then it's off to Stampede Blue to hope for some Anti-Boston action.  (Speaking of which, huge props to Florida State for defeating Boston College.