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You Tube Maddness: DJ Bill Polian skips a beat...

[editor's note, by River City Rage] Yes, I know CBS came out and admitted that this was their fault. But I'm not letting a few facts distract from a perfectly legitimate conspiracy theory. Besides, seeing the Patriots get all like "look at what they did", pot call the kettle black with the Colts is amusing.

This is purely to mess with Big Blue Shoe over at Stampede Blue.

So head writer Vic Ketchman has been saying for three years that the Colts have been "piping in crowd noise" at their home games in order to increase their home field advantage and make it difficult on opposing teams.

His evidence was largely anecdotal.  Vic would observe the crowd when the noise was at its loudest and see a discrepancy.  Other coaches have implied it in the past as well.

Thanks to the Magic of You Tube, you can see for yourself.  Sure, it could be an audio problem on CBS's part. In fact, I'd be pretty disappointed if  Indy was doing this massive conspiracy to subject opposing teams with a wall of noise while using a FREAKING CD to play the crowd.  I mean, talk about a weak link in what has to be a complicated plan.  

Maybe the new stadium in Indianapolis will have a digital input on their PA system so that Bill Polian can just hook up his crowd noise ipod right into the system, rather than his "Screw the Pats" cd.

So there you go, as you console your self over our loss, enjoy a little good natured fun at the Colts expense.