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Gregg Easterbrook = Dumb

I don't care if you work for The New Republic or Brookings, you can still be a complete and total moron.

I'm refering to a favorite whipping boy here at Big Cat Country, our dear friend Gregg Easterbrook.  In his infinate wisdom, he decided to comment about the series of "untouched runs" in the NFL last weekend.

And I quote:

Untouched Touchdown Run of the Week No. 2: Jacksonville's Maurice Jones-Drew, surely the slowest player ever to be a kickoff return threat, was never touched as he ran 100 yards for a touchdown.

I'm not sure what he means by that.  Jones-Drew ran a 4.39 forty yard dash at the combine.  He's demonstrated pretty impressive speed and agility.  I don't know where Easterbrook gets the idea that he's not an exceedingly fast athlete.  In fact, I would dare say that Mr. Gregg simply ran out of things to say.  As an academic, I know the pressures to drown readers in length rather than substance.  If that's Gregg's style, fair enough.

I just don't know where he can justify calling Jones-Drew slow.  Were I to guess, I'd say he's seen MoJo break a lot of tackles and he assumes that a strong player can't be a quick player.  And yeah, that's one of his strengths is that on a kick return he can break through the gunners and that's important.  But let's not forget that he ran that kick almost completely between the hash marks  You can't do that without speed.

I hate to do the whole "media sucks" thing.  And I'm really pretty understanding of the way the NFL mass media machine operates and why the pundits do what they do.  But sometimes I just get chafed over the absolute ignorance over Jacksonville.  

Take thirty seconds and do a little research, that's all I'm saying.


(oh yeah, also stay away from making anti-Semitic remarks, that's burnt Gregg in the past)