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NFL News: Bobby Petrino to Arkansas

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From the department of Off Topic Rants

Atlanta Falcon Head Coach Bobby Petrino, former coach of Louisville, has quit the Falcons.  

Our fellow blogger over at The Falcoholic says it best:

Bobby Petrino, you're a huge jerk.

I can understand that Bobby would be frustrated, given that his team was tossed into a terrible circumstance by Michael Vick, but to cut and run from the team like this is absolutely unforgivable.  I'm tossing my two cents in here because, generally speaking, you can't trust a college football coach as far as you can throw them.  I thought it was terrible the way Petrino left Louisville after signing a long term contract, and it's completely in character for him to leave another team in a bind.

College coaches are functional compulsive liars who's entire job is to blow as much smoke as possible while trolling for a job at a bigger school.  They lie to recruits, they lie to parents, they lie to donors, they lie to boosters, they flirt with the hearts and minds of students and fans.  And inevitably, they break our hearts.  It's all bullshit.  If their lips move, they're lying.

Just like when Petrino said thisin his post game conference:

On what the team is going to do next:

"We’ll come back in on Wednesday and take a look at it, and then we get back to work. We have to find something to rally around. I thought that is what we would do after our second half in St. Louis. I thought our toughness and competitiveness that we showed there would carry over, but it did not happen tonight."

What a putz

Every time Les Miles says he's not going to Michigan, It's not worth the paper (electronic or otherwise) that it's printed on.  

Of course, I only mention Les Miles, because I've heard around the internet that Jack Del Rio would be on a list of possible coaches for a LSU vacancy:

Now that the University of Michigan has asked permission to talk to Les Miles, look for Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio to make a play for the Louisiana State job if Miles does leave. Del Rio's wife is from Louisiana and he flirted with the job after Nick Saban left to coach the Dolphins. Del Rio pulled out of an interview when word leaked out.

He has one year left on his contract, but Del Rio and his wife haven't made many friends in the building, and owner Wayne Weaver would likely be happy to see him go. If Del Rio doesn't leave, it'll be interesting to see if Weaver gives him an extension. Del Rio could very well be happy to coach out his contract and then become a free agent.

Yeah, I don't know if you can tell, but I really hate the coaching carousal.  Too many lies, to many games, and the fans are treated like the unwashed masses.  It's terribly frustrating.

So I'm feeling pretty bad for the folks in Atlanta.  They don't deserve to put up with all this turmoil.  Arthur Blank has a great chance to clean house and start over.  I'd say fire everyone and build a whole new team, but I'm not sure that I know enough about the team to make that judgment.

I'll tell you this, all three players who are going to get fined for "Pro-Vick" messages should be cut or traded as soon as possible, as you don't want a divided locker room over this nonsense.

Most of this post is off topic for the Jaguars, but sometimes issues are just too awful to let slide.