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Marcus Stroud to Injured Reserve

In what can only be described as an absolute and total disappointment of a season, Defensive Tackle Marcus Stroud is going to Injured Reserve after suffering an ankle injury against Carolina.


What a waste of a season by Stroud.  Though, if nothing else, he'll have a very long time to get healthy for next season.  This is one of those "surface injuries" that looks a lot worse for the Jaguars than it really is.  Marcus has missed 4 games from his suspension, four games where we were reasonably OK without him.  We'll miss him in the rotation on the defensive line, but I think we'll make the adjustments and just learn to continue playing without him.

Besides, Stroud is nowhere near as important to our defense as Steelers Defensive End Aaron Smith who is having season ending surgery on his bicep.

Clearly this is important to Jacksonville, but I don't think it's critical.  We've played without him enough where I think we'll be just fine.