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Jaguars Defeat Steelers: Fred Taylor, Maurice Jones-Drew, and David Garard Post-Game Quotes

Here are your Players Post-Game Quotes!

Maurice Jones-Drew
What a great rushing day out there for you and Fred Taylor today?

Our offensive line did a great job today; you guys should really be talking to them. They did the work and we just found the holes. David (Garrard) did a great job protecting the ball and we went out there and came up with a victory.

How was it with the weather out there? Was it rough?
No, it's all in your mind. Obviously with the wind blowing it is harder to throw the ball but we were able to throw it a little bit. When plays were needed we were able to make plays.

You and Fred Taylor seemed to be switching up effectively. Did you guys have a rhythm today?
He did a great job today. We kept communicating on and off the field. When I came off I would tell him what I saw and when he came off he would tell me what he saw.

You guys had a lot of success on fourth down today. How did that inspire your offense?
That definitely gives your offense more motivation and makes you feel better as an offense. We were in that zone where we could go for it on fourth down and our coaches believed in us. Again, though, you have to go talk to our offensive line because nobody ever gives them enough credit.

David Garrard
How is it going?

It feels great to be a Jaguar right now. These guys played their butts off today in sloppy conditions, a sloppy track, windy day; but we did enough to come out of here with a win. That is how it is going to be pretty much from here on out, especially when we get into the playoffs.

You guys beat the Steelers at their own game.
We said pretty much all weekend long that we have almost the same identical team as them and these guys were hungry in our locker room. These guys (Steelers) have had some good things happen to them the last couple of years and we are trying to get to where they have been. We just feel like we were real hungry today. They did a great job of trying to stop the things that we were trying to do but Mother Nature was a pretty big part of it too.

What kind of messages does this send to the teams that you are going to be playing?
This was a chance for us to show to the rest of the league that we are for real. We showed that everybody we beat on our schedule, we beat them fair and square. We don't want to get bold but we want to make sure that we have the confidence and swagger.

Talk about how you guys almost gave this football game away.
We definitely did. I had a little letdown there where the ball kind of got away from me and sailed away from Greg Jones there. But that is a part of football. That is going to happen and the best way to answer that is to go down on your next possession and try to put points up. That was huge for our football team to come back late in the football game.

You guys might find yourselves back here in a couple of weeks. Do you like your chances of success even more after a performance like today?
It was great to come up here and get this win. If we do have to come back up here then we know that we can win up here in the weather even though we are a Florida team. We are built for the cold weather. Jack (Del Rio) has done a great job building us for this kind of weather.

Fred Taylor
This was your first game at Heinz Field, right?
That is correct.

You had a big game last time at Thee Rivers Stadium. Your thoughts on how you played today here, and how your offensive line did today?
They deserve a majority of the credit. They opened up some great lanes for me. But it doesn't matter where; our field, their field, it doesn't matter because you just go play football.

You might see them again in a few weeks.
Oh we will see but you have to let all of that play out. What we have to concentrate on is getting back in there on Wednesday and make sure that everybody is getting ready for Oakland.

Talk about that last drive and how you seemed to just put the team on your back there.
I was just out there playing football. Like I said, it's not about me. I was just going out there and doing my job.

Four straight one hundred yard games now; how do you feel?
I feel pretty good. Like I said my offensive line deserves much of the credit. I don't know what is going on. The league will probably test me in the morning. It is all good and I am just trying to help this team win some football games.

You ran the ball hard on a good Pittsburgh defense.
That is what we thrive on. We are going to try to establish the run and we are going to try to stop the run. There is nothing pretty about it, that's just football.

Brad Meester
What can you say about coming in here and basically beating the Pittsburgh Steelers at their game?

It was definitely a huge game for us to come in here and get a win. They are a tremendous team and this is a hard place to play. They have a tough defense, but this is a huge motivation for us. In order to be the best you have to be the best in December. We are doing a great job and this is a team that is just going to keep getting better.

You guys basically pushed them around. What kind of message did that send to them?
It's a huge message. We know for our offense we have to run the ball and it opens up the passing game. We also have to be physical up front. They are a physical team, no doubt. We know we have to create those little holes for `Mo (Maurice Jones-Drew) and Fred (Taylor). When we do that, good things happen.

Talk about how you guys did as a five-man unit today.
I think we did a great job up front. There are always things that we can work on. Today we did a pretty good job but tomorrow we have to look at the film and see what we need to work on. One of the great things about this offensive line is that we know that there are things that we need to work on and get better.

You guys might find yourselves back here in a couple of weeks. Do you like your chances of success even more after a performance like today?
Oh definitely. Like I said it is tough to come in here and win. This is a tough crowd here, a tough defense, and a physical defense. To be able to come in here and get a win was huge for us. This is definitely a huge motivation for us going into these last few games and into the playoffs.