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2007 Pro Bowl Roster: No Jaguars, Fred Taylor First Alternate.

Update [2007-12-18 20:25:20 by River City Rage]:: Jagnation has the right idea:

Update [2007-12-18 18:13:41 by River City Rage]:: I'm hearing that Lorenzo Neal won't be able to go to the Pro Bowl, making Full Back Greg Jones Jacksonville's representative in Hawaii. I just checked and Lorenzo Neal has a broken right fibula, and is out for the season. I'd assume that he'll miss the Pro Bowl while he recovers.

Update [2007-12-18 17:0:1 by River City Rage]:: I added the AFC Pro Bowl Roster, so you can be outraged too.


Fred Taylor's quest to play in the Pro Bowl will now depend on one of the AFC's three elected running backs to opt out of the game. For the second consecutive year, Taylor was named first alternate at running back for the AFC Pro Bowl team.

Willie Parker of the Steelers, LaDainian Tomlinson of the Chargers and Joseph Addai of the Colts are the three running backs selected to the AFC Pro Bowl team. If any of the three elects not to play in the game, Taylor would be his replacement.

The Jaguars had no players selected to the AFC squad. Taylor is one of three Jaguars first alternates. The other two are cornerback Rashean Mathis and fullback Greg Jones.

Quarterback David Garrard, defensive tackle John Henderson and middle linebacker Mike Peterson were named second alternates.

Ugh.  That's all I can say. Ugh.

I admit, I got caught up in the excitement.  I'm so disappointed.  Just hearing the TV Pundits talking about the "snub" makes me sick.

I'm gonna chew on this for a bit.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Live Blog!