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Jaguars DEFEAT Raiders: Post Game Grades

Here are Freek's Post-Game Grades!

First before I get to the grades I want to hand out a "Dumbass Player of the Game Award" to....

None other than... Warren Sapp.

I do not know what the hell was going through his mind today, but this was the end all and be all of his career today.  Being ejected from any game is BAD, but being EJECTED from a game that means nothing to your team is an outright mind-blower!  Three unsportsmanlike Conduct penalties back to back after a single play has got to be an all time meltdown of Nuclear proportions.  I can't wait to hear his justifications of his actions...I hope the league fines and suspends him.

Passing Offense- A  Another dominant performance by the Offensive Line and Quarterback David Garrard. 13 passing first down and 7-11 on third down conversion.  The Offense never even put us in a position to have to convert a 4th down play.  A whopping 437 yds of offense. They didn't get an A+ because of 2 sacks allowed.

Rushing Offense- A  9 Rushing first downs and again Freddy T with his 5th consecutive 100 yard game. He finished with 111 yds and a TD.  I tell you what-that 1 play 62 yard TD by Fred shows the caliber of this man.  The way at the tail end of the drive Fred led the tackler into a defender then to change directions to go outside for the TD was amazing...subtle yet amazing.  Freddy T is HOT and if the Offense keeps playing like this Fred Could seal himself a spot in the Hall of Fame this post season.

Passing Defense- A+  This group has really stepped it up over the last few games.Paul Spicer, Derek Landri and Justin "Polamalu Jr" Durant are playing at a level far above what they were at the beginning of the year.  They rushed, harassed and sacked both quarterbacks for a total of 5 sacks.  Oakland had not allowed a sack in their last 3 games.  They put JaMarcus's fat ass on the turf, and said "Bitch this is the NFL!...Welcome"  I can't wait to see them do it to Tom Brady.

Rushing Defense-B  Although they played very well all game they allowed a few big runs by Dominic Rhodes and allowed him to go 25 carries for 115 yds.  A dominant run defense DOESNT allow a 100 yd rusher.  Granted some of those yards were garbage yards, it should have been a matter of pride for the 2nd team defense to stop the run, and they didn't.

Special Teams- A+  Finally Joe D. can be given a good grade.  The absolutely beautiful reverse kick return was well timed and extremely well executed by Dennis Northcutt and Scott Starks, and it took the ball down to the Oakland 4 yd line.  Podlesh had a very good day in the kicking game and his performance was a 180 degree turn from the Pittsburgh fiasco.  Maybe the weather was more of a factor than I gave credit for in that game.

Coaching- B+  I do not understand the logic of passing the ball at the 1 yd line after Warren Sapps meltdown.  It led to an interception.  It was 1st down. Pound the rock down their throats 3 times and if you dont score, kick the field goal.  That was points left on the field by a bad coaching decision.  We have seen this same thing repeatedly in the last few games, the RB is on fire and they throw the ball inside the 5.  What the hell are the coaches thinking?  I always believe that you dance with the girl you came with, and in that scenario the Jags are pimps because they come to the dance with two beauties, Fred and MJD.  'Nuff said!

Well there ya go...I welcome your feedback and opinions and once again I wish to thank Chris for the awesome Live Blog during the game today.

Oh yeah the Jags practice squad is looking foward to kicking Houston in the Nutts next week!

Go Jags!

Thanks Freek for doing this!