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Jacksonville Jaguars fall to Indianapolis Colts: Post-Game Quotes

HEAD COACH JACK DEL RIO (general comments)

"I thought we played hard, played well in spurts, but didn't do enough to get off the field on third down.  We have a tough team in there.  We were resilient and fought hard.  We did some good things, some things we'll like when we look at the tape, and then we had some breakdowns we'll need to clean up, particularly on third down on defense.  I think, overall, the team played hard, and it was a good, hard-fought ballgame.  We'll go home, make the corrections, and move on."

 (on key to the game)

"It was our inability to get off the field on third down.  We didn't do the things we needed to do to have success on third down.  The same things we were doing to get them in third and long, we've got to be able to finish the deal on third and long and get off the field.  It's pretty simple.  Peyton (Manning) was especially sharp in those situations and made plays to move the chains and keep possession.  But we both made plays.  We had over 400 yards of offense, and they had a bunch of offense as well and it was a good ballgame.  It was two good teams going at each other, and it seemed as if every questionable play that could've gone either way went their way.  But, that's the way it goes sometimes."

QB-DAVID GARRARD (on Jaguars' overall offensive performance)

"We definitely turned the ball over too many times. We felt like we could move the ball, we pretty much did, we fought back and played hard, and then we had all those turnovers that cost us the game."

 (on the Colts overall performance)

"They're a good ball team, we're a good ball team. You hope that every time you go out there you can beat these guys. They're out there playing hard, giving it their all.  We just have to go out and focus on our next game against Carolina, put this one behind us."

(on the numerous penalties late in the game)

"They were kind of barking a little bit and giving false movement a little bit, too. When you have that kind of noise out there, you're hearing things I thought I was hearing a whistle at one point and almost pulled up on a couple of snaps."

RB-FRED TAYLOR (on perspective of the game's result)

"My perspective is they were the better team today. We shot ourselves in the feet a couple times. We played hard, man. We played hard the entire game. No one backed down. No one quit. In a perfect world, we'll get an opportunity to see them again."

(on playing an "uphill" battle all day)

"Usually this team (Colts) starts fast. Sometimes, with their high-powered offense they have, if you are not careful, you'll be down 14 like we were. A lot of times, though, you have to be patient versus them....We could have tanked it, just gave up down 14 at their home field, but guys fought hard and tried to make it back. At times, I wouldn't necessarily say it was an uphill fight because we stuck to our game plan. We narrowed the margin. We just didn't finish out."

RB-MAURICE JONES-DREW (on Colts' game plan)

"They did some different things in the beginning and had us stumbling a little bit, but other than that we did what we wanted to do.  We executed well.  We had a couple of chances and we had to take field goals instead of touchdowns.  You can't do that against a team like Indy."

TE-MARCEDES LEWIS (on losing the game)

"We left it out there on the field.  That alone encourages us.  It came down to the little things and they took care of it and we didn't.  We should have won the game.  We like to win.  We don't care about closing the gap.  That's why you play this game is to win."

DE - PAUL SPICER (on the result)

"Bottom line, the hat goes off to the Colts over there in the other locker room. They beat us today. That's about it."

 (on fourth quarter, 15-yard penalty near Colts end zone)

"I don't think what Reggie (Williams) did warranted a penalty. It's just one of those things that those guys over there do, and we just can't get sucked into the stuff like that."

 (on getting behind early)

"We did some things in the first half. We definitely could have played better that first half. Peyton and the offense had some plays. When you're going against a good team like Indianapolis, there are certain things you cannot do. You can't have blown coverages. You can't have missed tackles. You can't have missed assignments. Some teams you can get away with that, but teams like the Colts, you cannot have the mistakes. Good teams, such as the Colts, will capitalize on the mistakes."

S-SAMMY KNIGHT (on Colts' play)

"We just tried to mix some things up but he (Manning) made plays.  On third down they had some chances and they continued to make the plays.  They executed on third down and we didn't.  That's what separated their offense from our defense."