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NFL Power Rankings Round UP!

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Power Rankings Wrap Up:

Once again we dive into the murky world of Power Rankings.  It seems like the Jaguars are in a holding pattern somewhere between 5 and 8 as we hover on the verge of elite, but just outside the top five.  You see, Jacksonville belongs somewhere behind the Patriots, Cowboys, Colts, Packers, and Steelers. I think we can agree that the Jaguars are probably the next best team behind those five.

Let's start with Stampede Blue's favorite writer, Senior Editor Vic Ketchman.  Vic decides to point out the painfully obvious:

6        Jaguars  (8-4  ) --  There are problems on defense.
Last Week: 5     High: 4     Low: 17  

Next, here's Pete Prisco of CBS Sportsline :

6 They're penciled in now pretty much as a wild-card team. The pass defense is really struggling. It has to play better.

The Worldwide Leader :

6 (5)     Jaguars     8-4-0     The Jags are among the least penalized teams, but they were hit with eight (for 64 yards) in the loss at Indy. "It seemed like every time there was an opportunity for a flag to go, it went and it ended up going against us," Jack Del Rio said.

Dr. Z of :

5     (5)    Jacksonville Jaguars    
Jacksonville Jaguars (8-4)
I usually catch a little heat when I fail to drop a team after a loss, but I just thought that the Jags, in taking Indy to the wire, looked better than the Steelers did in beating Cincy.

Fox Sports :

5     (-1)         David Garrard threw his first interception of the season, en route to what should likely end up being an AFC South title-sealing loss for the Jags. Jack Del Rio was realistic about the division title after the game, telling reporters, "In all likelihood, they'll win the division. They still have to play it out, but they deserve it. We didn't quite get it done today, but I saw a lot of good things." Jacksonville's in fine shape, though. In sole possession of the first wild card spot entering Week 14, the Jags take on the banged up Panthers this weekend.

Real Football 365:

6. Jacksonville Jaguars (LW: 4; 8-4) - It took David Garrard until Week 13 of the regular season to throw his first interception; in total, he has 11 touchdowns against one pick, not to mention a 104.7 passer rating. Why isn't anyone talking about this guy?

Ryan Stetson of  I think his comment is very important to remember as we enter the playoff season.  Also interesting, Jacksonville is 8 and 4 against the spread. :

6       8-4-0  (8-4-0) (ATS) Nobody wants to be matched up with the Jags in the playoffs. Nobody.
 Well Said.

The Bleacher Report :

6 Jacksonville Jaguars 5 (8-4)

Jacksonville has to feel like the world's most experienced bridesmaid--for three straight years they've come in second to Indy in the AFC South.

After Sunday's loss, they can plan on making it four straight.

So there you go, a bunch of "power rankings" for your enjoyment.