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Five Questions with Cat Scratch Reader

It's that time of the week again!  Here's our Five Burning Questions with Cat Scratch Reader!

1. I'd like to think that Jacksonville and Carolina have a unique bond in the NFL through our expansion together and of course, Steve Beuerlein.  We're the youngest teams in the NFL, we both experienced playoff success  far quicker than expected, and we've both dealt with some disappointing seasons.  Before diving into this weeks game, tell us the story of your Carolina Fandom!  How did you become a Panthers fan?  What are your thoughts on the "State of the Franchise" now that you're 12 years old?

Cat Scratch Reader:

My first diary post when I started this blog was this exact question so here's what I wrote then and I think it still applies.

I was living in Spartanburg, SC when it was announced Jerry Richardson (JR) has successfully landed an NFL franchise for the Carolina's. Wofford College was selected as the Panthers training camp site which was only a few miles from where I lived. I attended one day of the initial camp and I remember seeing Kerry Collins, Sam Mills and Blake Brockermeyer. Even though I was a Falcons fan at the time I became impressed with what the Panthers did in their first season (7-9 record). My transition was gradual because while the Panthers struggled a couple seasons the Falcons made their SB run. Once the Panthers dumped Collins, beat Dallas in the playoffs and made it to the NFC Championship I was about 90% there. I've been 100% since they hired John Fox. I'm not embarrassed to admit that winning was a key to me fully accepting the Panthers. JR had to earn it. I love the NFL and the enjoyment it gives me on fall Sunday's. It would be hard to love a perennial loser even if they were in my backyard. Winning starts at the top and I believe JR has what it takes to build and maintain a winning franchise.

The franchise is in good shape at this point despite the unmet expectations this season. John Fox and Marty Hurney are getting a lot of heat but lately I have more issue with Hurney and some of the personnel moves we've made the last 12 months.

2. I know you probably don't want to talk about it, but tell us about the Quarterback situation in Carolina.  I'm a big Jake Delhomme fan, but it seems like his luster has faded (Clearly, the IR situation isn't helping).  Is David Carr a serious contender for the Starting spot next season?  David used to be a guy that Jacksonville hated seeing, as somehow he'd lead the Texans to a painful victory against the Jags, so I always worry when he's on the field.  What are your thoughts on the Carr experiment, Vinnie T, and anything else involving the Quarterback that Jacksonville should know.

Cat Scratch Reader:

QB Vinny Testaverde is easily our best option at QB right now. Somehow David Carr lost his mojo (if he ever had it) when he moved east and is now or 3 rd string QB behind rookie UDFA Matt Moore. I think David is done in Carolina. Vinny is starting to show a rapport with Steve Smith so the Jaguars should keep an eye on him as far as getting beat deep.

3.  I'm going to give you a promotion to Jaguars Offensive Coordinator.  How would you game plan against the Panthers?  Who would you target?  Who would you pay extra attention to?  Who's is the most important player on the Defensive Line, the Linebacker Corps, and the Secondary?

Cat Scratch Reader:

I would run the ball away from Kris Jenkins and right at Julius Peppers and make sure you block rookie MLB Jon Beason. The Panthers are more vulnerable between the tackles then around the end if you can block Beason who for me anyway, is our most exciting defensive player this season. Most teams have had success throwing the short passes in the flats and anywhere down the middle of the field. TE's have prospered against the Panthers so I would expect your TE (Lewis?) to have a big game.

4. What do you think the Panthers will do on defense to attack the Jaguars offense?  Who do you worry about most on the Jaguars?  Who do you think is giving John Fox a sleepless night or two?

Cat Scratch Reader:

Prior to last week the defense has struggled to get pressure on the QB. We ran more zone blitzes last week with success so I expect more of that. Otherwise you can expect a lot of zone coverage and maybe a spy (Beason) on Garrard to keep him from running down field. I know Julius always gets a lot of attention but we've had more sacks from our DT (Like Damione Lewis) than our DE's this season.

5.  You know the drill, who's gonna win, who's gonna be the key, and what's the final score?

Cat Scratch Reader:

I still can't bring myself to predict a Panther loss though I woon't bet any money on this outcome. Last weeks strong showing (against the 49ers albeit)  does give me hope though.

Panthers 27 Jaguars 24              Panthers Game MVP: RB DeAngelo Williams (just because its his time)

Thanks for the time!  I implore everyone to stop by Cat Scratch Reader and get the scoop on what's going down with the Panthers...

It'll be a real Cat Fight!  Hi Oh!