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Mock Draft Round Up!

Let's take another look at what the internets says about Jacksonville and their draft pick.  Because we're getting a bit closer to the madness of combines and workouts, I'm going to give a little more info on each pick, so click away for more information.  My own predictions of draft picks are remaining secret, as exciting plans are underway for mock madness!

Footballs Future has the Jags picking Paul Posluszny, LB, Penn St.

Del Rio will love his attitude and instincts

Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet has Free Safety Michael Griffen, Texas

Draft Connection picks Jarvis Moss, DE, Florida

DMoss has been a terror on the field the past two seasons for the Gators and was a big part of the reason they took home the championship. Del Rio is always looking to upgrade his defense and the thought of Moss, Stroud and Henderson on the same line is just scary!el Rio will love his attitude and instincts

SportzNutz uses a computerized DQI Ratings System to make their choices.  This system says that the Jags take Darrell Revis, CB, Pittsburg

What the Jaguars really need is a quarterback, but there is no one available save Drew Stanton who can be had later. So they should work on their defense here and try to pick up Stanton in round two. Darrell Revis is a good backup for Mathis and Williams and they don't have much depth.

Ryan McCrystal's Draft Ace makes the never going to happen pick of Ted Ginn Jr, WR, Ohio State

The Jaguars have tried, and failed, to land an elite receiver in the draft for a number of years now. Will they try again, or concede their inablity to evaluate talent at the position? If they're willing to risk it again, Ginn is a perfect fit and his speed alone makes him a threat everytime he sets foot on the field..

Sports Outlaw puts Reggie Nelson, FS, Florida in our hands at 17.

Given who is available with this pick, the number of injuries to Darius, and the likeliness that Deion Grant will be gone, look for the Jaguars to add Nelson to patrol deep in the secondary.

Heard's Football Report picks Jarvis Moss, DE, Florida without any commentary.  I often wonder if people pay any attention to the depth at DE that Jacksonville has in the pipeline, with Hayward coming back and Hawkins getting healthy...

NFL Draft Blitz says...nothing.  Silly premium sites.

DR U Fantasy Football Guru picks Patrick Willis, LB, Ole Miss , also without commentary.

NFL Draft Pro makes a better guess by picking picks Jarvis Moss, DE, Florida.  His commentary is brief but shows a better understanding of the Jags than most mockers I've come across.

The Jaguars could use some depth along the defensive line and at linebacker. The safety position is a concern, especially with the injuries Donovan Darius (31 years old) has suffered. Florida's Reggie Nelson was one player the Jaguars loved, but with Nelson off the board, they decide to opt for a defensive end. Georgia's Charles Johnson is rising up the boards, but Jacksonville stays in the State of Florida and selects Nelson's teammate, defensive end Jarvis Moss.

I randomly sample these mock drafts from the fantastic Redskins Draft site at Hail Redskins.  

I list these here not because I believe their commentary, but rather to get an idea of what's being said and considered about the team.  Jacksonville picking a Wide Receiver shows that the writer might not be following some teams as closely as others.  Jacksonville picking a DE or LB shows a bit more sophistication as they'd have to at least look at the Jags roster to see that we're not as deep as we could be.  The best picks, in my opinion, are at Free Safety.  If I were to make a guess now, I'd lean toward Reggie Nelson.

But Free Agency is gonna foul all of this up anyhow.