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Byron Leftwich: Still Starting, Still the man

Sorry for missing this, I've been a bit of a nerd this week attending the Model United Nations Conference at Bethune Cookman University.

So while I'm pretending to be the Secretary General, I missed this juicy tidbit that Byron Leftwich is still the Starting Quarterback going into 2007.

Pro Football Talk has their usual sarcastic take that Jack Del Rio is not worried about the long term future, rather, he's worried about staying employed.  But I don't quite buy it.

I like Byron, I think he's a winner.  And if you look at the stats, he and David Garrard have nearly identical stats, minus the tendency for David to lose very winable games.  

I've been on my feet since 7 am, so I'm gonna mull this over the weekend and have something more substansive on monday.