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Quick Bytes

Quick Hits!

  • As I said on Friday, Byron Leftwich is the starter.  David Garrard and Quin Gray are both considered to be "in the Jaguars Plans", however I've heard rumor that Quin is not going to sign whatever tender is extended to him by the Jaguars.
  • While I don't want Jacksonville to draft ANOTHER wide receiver in the first round.  I've realized that the big, tall, fast wide receiver that we've been trying to find is here in the draft.  Calvin Johnson of Georgia Tech.  Not that I'd be so crazy to figure out that the 4th round spot held by the Bucs is worth 1800 points, and that Jacksonville could give up their entire draft and a few future pics to get him.  But I'd never advocate that.  I'll be glad that the kid is probably gonna be off in the NFC though.
  • To the Jags fans out there who've commented on the "Thugification" of the Colts.  Shut Up, a DUI and a rowdy Fan does not a thug team make.  Especially in the light of "Wack-Man" Jones.
  • Still no naming rights announced for Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.  We were supposed to hear something at the end of the month.
  • The NFL League Calendar Year starts anew on March 1st, and with it will come Free Agency.  Look for Dante Stallworth or Kevin Curtis to mount the Teal and Black.
  • Byron's not going to get an extension before the season starts.  I'd say that if he does well next year he will at worst be franchised and negotiate out an extension, however the team is going to keep all their options open in case he falls short...again.
  • Time for Class.