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JagNation interview: Quinn Gray!

Once again the fine folks over at JagNation have scored a great interview. This time it's with Quarterback Quinn Gray I highly reccomend you meander over there and give it a read, you don't often get insight into the world of a third string quarterback! Of interest to me is this bit

Q-Prior years have shown the backup to Leftwich gets playing time either due to injury or performance. If nothing else you could explore UFA in 2008. This is Byron's last year under contract and if Garrard is traded, you'd be automatically in the backup role. Why not let the Jaguars make you a millionaire with a first or second round tender, then compete for the starting gig next season, or trust that you'll win the backup role and be one play away from starting?

A-Well i would love the opportunity to stay here in Jacksonville and become the teams QB but under certain circumstances I'm not sure that's going to happen. The only thing that i do know.. is I will be on a second round tender this year and have an opportunity to seek other offers. I don't want to leave Jacksonville but if it's an opportunity to go compete for a starting role then i cant pass up that opportunity at this point of my career.

I don't think this is the time for him to be testing the market, not with the draft the way it is (Whomever falls to the 7th-11th spot beteween Brady and Russel) and some of the potential free agents (Garcia, Plummer, Carr).

But, if it get's us another second round pick, I'm happy to say goodbye!

Congrads again to JagNation for all that you do!!