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AFC South, Toughest Division in 07?

It's official.

We all have to come up with new things to say about Peyton Manning.  No more "choking", no more "Florida", no more "Peyton Manning Face".  I'm thankful that I'll have the whole offseason to write new material.

That being said, we've now got a Super Bowl winner in the AFC South.  Indy's gonna be the talk of the town during the down time.  "Will they repeat", "Will they keep Freeney", all sorts of important questions that will thankfully hide whatever Jacksonille does from the media spotlight.

Let's not forget, Jacksonville destroyed the Colts once and were it not for a punt return, could have beat them twice.  Let's not forget that the Colts lost to every team in the AFC South this year.

We've got one hell of an up and coming conference.  Even Houston shows signs of hope with a couple of stud draft pics on defense.

So listen to the gloating and joy out of Indy, It should inspire you to work twice as hard knowing that the World Champions are a team you've beat before, and can do so again.

Congrads to Brad for the win though, great great coverage!