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Free Agency Primer!

The fine folks over at have put together a weekly series about free agency.

This week's edition explains the process of assigning "franchise" and "transition" tags.  Jacksonville will not use either of them because they don't have any free agents that are considered "top five" in their posistion.

This years restricted free agents are:  DE Bobby McCray (our Speed Rusher), QB Quin Gray (you know, the guy who rushed for two TD's against the Chiefs), WR Ernest Wilford, Kicker Josh Scobee, LB Jorge Cordova, and CB Ahmad Carroll.

Personally, I think the Jags should protect McCray and Scobee with the second highest tender (First round draft pick comp and 1.3 mill salary).  Wilford and Gray get second round tender, and finally, Cordova and Carroll with the low tender.

Bobby McCray is the hardest to keep because he's a 7th round pick overacheiver.  He's excelled in the absence of Reggie Hayward and I wouldn't be surprised to see him on a few teams "wish lists"

Jacksonville has 22 million in cap space this year.  If anyone has seen a list of every team's cap space for 2007, I'd greatly appreciate it!