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Why I don't expect anything out of Jacksonville tomorrow, or the Next Day

Jacksonville has done two major signings in the first days of free agency in the previous two years.  We acquired DE Reggie Hayward two years ago and CB Brian Williams last year.  Both deals were done very early in free agency and both time (especially last year) Jacksonville was derided for "overspending".

Retrospect tells us that despite Reggie's injury, both signings have been well worth the money.  Jacksonville allowed very few pass yards this year (10th in pass defense, this of course is not weighted against the fact that we stacked against the run game after game after game)

That being said, I don't expect Jacksonville to make any big time moves in free agency.  Defensivly, we might consider something at linebacker, but our biggest need is at Defensive End and anyone worth any money has been signed or franchise tagged.  Atlanta's Patrick Kerney is an option, but he'll want far too much money despite an injury riddled career.

Offensivly, everyone expects something at Wide Receiver.  Jerry Porter, Randy Moss, Kevin Curtis, Donte Stallworth have all been rumoured to have talked with Jacksonville at various points and yet I don't see any of them making the trip to the River City to sign a contract.

Moss is old.  Plain and Simple.  Jack Del Rio and Shack Harris don't throw big money at old players.  Also, they've commmitted, despite all reason, to Matt Jones and Reggie Williams being the number one and number two next year.  All four of the Free Agents or Trades are players that want or demand number one status.

So when midnight passes, a week passes, a month passes and Jacksonville hasn't thrown any of their 23 million dollars at anyone, don't fret.  This team is one of the smartest in terms of getting value out of Free Agency.  They won't fall into the trap of signing middle of the road talent for high dollars just to appease a vague need.  There's nobody worth signing.

Instead, I'd be really happy if we spent some of that cap money locking down some of our existing  talent for the long haul.

But that's just me.  With my luck, Jacksonville will have five huge signings in the first week and I'll look like a fool