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Fred Taylor Resigned!!

Good News for the Fred Taylor fans!

He's been signed (according to ProFootballTalk)

Here's what they say.

A league source tells us that the Jaguars have extended the contract of running back Fred Taylor.  His current contract was set to expire after the 2007 season.

Under the new deal, Taylor's $2.55 million salary and $40,000 per-game roster bonus are replaced by a $4.2 million roster bonus and a salary of $800,000.

In 2008, Taylor is due to receive a $1 million roster bonus and a salary of $4 million.  In 2009, Taylor is scheduled to receive a roster bonus of $1 million and a salary of $5 million.  In 2010, he is set to get another $1 million roster bonus and a salary of $6 million.

Though the annual average puts him fifth in the league at his position (behind LaDainian Tomlinson, Edgerrin James, Shaun Alexander, and Deuce McAllister), the contract is basically a year-to-year arrangement.  If/when the Jags decide that Taylor is too banged up and/or that youngster Maurice Jones-Drew is ready to carry the load, Taylor will be cut loose.

 If/when that happens, there will be no cap consequence because there is no signing bonus.

I like it.  It looks like a good year by year contract.  Fred gets his numbers and some pay, but the team is still secure.  This plays into my ideal of "pay our players, don't burn on free agency" approach that I said earlier.

Good Job, I dig it.