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Things I don't care about: WR Charles Sharon Arrested


If you read PFT, you know they keep track of a "turd-watch".  Now the folks there, who I generally like, are calling Jacksonville "Bengals-South" which is a pretty unfair assessment.  Sure, 4 Jags have been arrested since the start of 06, three of which were for DUI sort of things, certainly no arsenal of weapons like in Chi-Town.

Anyhow, when I read this report all I could say is "Who the Hell is Charles Sharon"?  This guy is on our roster I guess as a backup backup backup Wide Receiver.  He's never appeared in any games.  

Anyhow this character was caught with a stolen ATF hand gun and possessing a concealed weapon, so he's probably in a lot of trouble.  And he's probably not going to be a Jaguar much longer, as his role on the team is completely insignificant and irrelevant to the team.