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Gerald Sensabaugh: Athletes, Guns, and "Turds"

I really wish I had something more positive to report lately.  Sadly, Safety Gerald Sensabaugh was arrested for speeding and carrying "arms" in his hometown of Kingsport, Tenn.

I am so sick of the connection beteween NFL athletes and guns.  Someone needs to pound into their heads that their NFL career is going to be short and doing stupid things like carrying guns and engaging in unsavory crowds can quickly shorten a career.

Now, Gerald has been a pretty good find for the Jags and in essence, he was merely speeding.  But the more of these "incidents" that the Jags and the NFL have, the more likely stricter enforcement of conduct codes become.  I know there are plenty of people who don't get a shot in the NFL, but if these "turds" keep stinking up the place, the NFLPA will have no choice but to allow league disipline with teeth.

For the record, according to PFT's standards, Jacksonville is leading in "turds".  Though, I think their  measurements are a bit unfair as they tend to equally weight offenses.  Not saying that carrying guns and speeding are OK, but there's a difference beteween that and whatever Pac Man Jones has been apart of.

(Now I'm commiting a fallacy of saying "look at who's worse", like it justifies any NFL player being so stupid.

Here's to Safety Reggie Nelson being a better character after the Jags draft him.  (I hope)