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Kevin Curtis: Still Not a Jag

An interesting point crossed my eyes yesterday while drafting a fantasy baseball team.  My friend over at Pride of Detroit and I were discussing free agency and I mentioned that I'd like to see the Jags pick up WR Kevin Curtis.  He said that was unlikely as there was no doubt that he'd end free agency in a Lions Uniform.

And it makes perfect sense.  Mike Martz LOVES Kevin Curtis.  Had he stayed in St Louis, Curtis would have been Mike's WR of the future.  It makes COMPLETE sense that Mike's gonna be bugging Millen up and down the Lions HQ to make sure they make a run at his WR.  

So what I'm saying is this, Kevin Curtis is gonna be a Lion, which means that the likelyhood of Jacksonville doing anything with a WR in Free Agency is slim at best.

Also, the rumor about Randy Moss going to Jacksonville is the work of fans trying to see how much they can effect the "rumor mill".

That is all for now.