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Josh Scobee Signed!

In good news, Kicker Josh Scobee was signed to a 5 year deal.

Josh is a great kicker with a great leg.  He consistantly makes the long field goals in the clutch, and his leg on kickoffs is a bright light in an otherwise mediocre special teams.

ESPN's Len P. says "Scobee, 24, has converted 73 of 93 field goal attempts and all but one of his 101 extra point tries for the Jaguars in the past three seasons. The former Louisiana Tech standout was a fifth-round choice in the 2004 draft. Scobee made 26 of 32 field goals in 2006 and tallied a career-best 119 points."

Can't complain about that being locked up for the future.  Specific contract infomation is forthcoming.

This is the best part of the giant salary cap for financialy strong teams like the Jaguars.  We can lock up our talent well before they approach free agency.  None of our stallwort players (Stroud, Henderson, Peterson, Darius, Hayward, etc) are anywhere NEAR free agency, and when their contracts get long in the tooth, they're designed to protect the team.

You really can't complain about the Jaguars front office too much, at least on the defensive side of things.