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Mock Draft Attempt: 3.20.07

So here it is, my first try at a Mock Draft.  I obviously lean toward Need-Based drafting rather than the more appropriate Value-Based, but it's a start.

Agree or Disagree, hit it up with comments or even your own mock!

  1. Oakland Raiders: JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU.  In a perfect world, the Raiders would have the number one and number two pick, just so they can approach respectability on offense by picking Russell and Johnson.  Sadly that won't happen, free agency is empty on QB's (unless the Raiders want to trade the number one for a slightly older version of JaMarcus in Byron Leftwich), so they'll take the LSU star and hope for WR help down the draft.
  2. Detroit Lions : Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame.  I think the Lions are putting up a smokescreen about OT Joe Thomas.  That being said, Detroit should play it smart and trade down a bit and keep on adding fuel to the "Quinn Freefall" fire and grab him (and a few picks) at the 4th or 5th spot.  Someone has got to want WR Calvin Johnson bad enough to slide up (Tampa Bay).
  3. Cleveland Browns : Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin.  I feel bad for this kid, in off years he'd be the consensus number one pick and he's only falling to three because desperate teams need QB help.  That being said, I'm not entierely sure that the Browns will be so lucky to get Thomas's services.  But they'd certainly be pleased to finally secure at least part of their offensive line.
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers : Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech.  Much like the Browns, Tampa will be lucky to get such a sure-thing talent with the 4th pick.  Whomever quarterbacks in Tampa will be blessed with Calvin opening the field and making the big catch.
  5. Arizona Cardinals: LaRon Landry, Safety, LSU: An obvious need based reach, but the Cardinals get blown away by the pass and think that the tandem of Adrian Wilson and Landry will solidify an up and coming defensive unit.  I'd not be surprised if the Cards gave the impression of targeting DE Gaines Adams or DT Alan Branch, just to get the Redskins to try and flip, but...
  6. Washington Redskins : Alan Branch, DT, Michigan: The Redskins can't trade up to ensure they get Branch or Adams because they don't have any draft picks.  So they'll call the Card's bluff, and get the help they need to stop the run.  Branch will be a serious starter for a long time  While his size might make you think of John Henderson, Branch is a dedicated Run Stuffer and that's just what the Skin's need.
  7. Minnesota Vikings : Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson.  The Vikings didn't have much of a pass rush last year, this will be immediately repaired with the addition of Adams.  I imagine he'll be a situational pass rusher initially until he learns how to cover the run and thicken up a bit.  
  8. Houston Texans : Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma.  Houston gets a gift here with Adrian falling to 8.  Houston's hurting at RB with Davis injured and Ahman Green a temporary fix at best.  Adrian will do well in the Texas system, despite his "Oklahoma" taint.  Certainly the Colts won't like another good rusher in the AFC South.
  9. Miami Dolphins : Levi Brown, OT, Penn St.  Another reach but Miami can't afford to not address their Offensive Line with the second best prospect out there.  Miami could trade down, perhaps with any team looking for one of the top linebacker prospects. (St. Louis, Pittsburg, Carolina, etc)
  10. Atlanta Falcons :  Darrelle Revis, CB, Pitt.  With Safety LaRon Landry off the board early, look for the Falcons to grab speed and coverage ability as quickly as possible with Darrelle.  His 4.38 forty pushes him above CB Leon Hall and onto the Falcons.  Also, another young fast CB just might push DeAngelo Hall to put up the numbers that his mouth puts out.
  11. San Francisco 49ers  : Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville.  The 49ers are really building well and could make a run in the NFC West.  While Amobi might not be a huge impact this season, his potential to lock down a DT spot for over a decade is more than enough reason for San Fran to take him at 11.
  12. Buffalo Bills:  Marshawn Lynch, RB, Cal.  No real choice here after trading Willis.  Luckily for Buffalo their needs and their draft spots match up perfectly.  Or, rather, their front office realized that the need to pick ratio was even and made the trade.  
  13. St. Louis Rams : Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska.  The Rams need some pressure on the ends and Carriker will fill in nicely on another potentially up and coming defense.   As an unrelated aside, how strange would it be if the NFC West became a division of defensive oriented teams, considering the reputations of the Niners and Rams?
  14. Carolina Panthers:  Paul Posluszny, LB, Penn State.  Jacksonville starts to sweat as Carolina takes this pick.  Carolina needs a safety and Reggie Nelson is still out there, but I think linebacker takes precedence.  You could also see Patrick Willis, LB, Ole Miss taken here, but I think Posluszny is the best choice.
  15. Pittsburgh Steelers : Patrick Willis, LB, Ole Miss.  Some value boards have Willis as the number one LB in the draft, some even as high as 5.  Pittsburg needs some LB help and they'll be happy to introduce Willis as the next generation on a graying defense.
  16. Green Bay Packers : Leon Hall, CB, Michigan. The best Running Backs are gone, the best Wide Receivers after Calvin are a bit of a reach here, so the next best Cornerback gets the nod at 16.
  17. Jacksonville Jaguars : Reggie Nelson, S, FL.  The Jags get exactly who they want at exactly the right spot for them.  Nelson and Darius make for a powerful duo in the backfield and Reggie would put another top-notch piece on an already stellar defense
  18. Cincinnati Bengals : Justin Blalock, Texas, OG.  Cincy looks at the O-line and takes the arguable best Guard in the draft.
  19. Tennessee Titans : Robert Meachem, WR. Tennessee.  Local favorite stays home and gives Vince Young someone to throw at that's not aging.  This is probably not the second best Wide Receiver on the board, but the Titans think outside the box here.
  20. New York Giants : Ted Ginn Jr, WR, Ohio State. Eli gets a reprieve as the Giants attempt to solidify their number two WR and open up the field with speedy Ginn, also the added benefit of his kick return ability seals the deal and sends him to NYC.
  21. Denver Broncos : Jarvis Moss, DE, Florida.  A Steal at 21 for a guy who really made his mark in the national championship game.  The Broncos have not had a strong threat off the edges in a few seasons and even in a limited role Jarvis could amend that situation quickly.
  22. Dallas Cowboys : Ben Grubbs, G, Auburn.  The Cowboys need some O-Line help and Grubbs style should match up with their needs.  However, Arron Sears of Tennessee could also work here.
  23. Kansas City Chiefs : Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas.  Ty Law isn't getting any younger and his ability to compensate for age through study is a test of diminishing returns.  Houston is fast, albeit small, but a decent fit for the Chiefs, who need a WR more than anything else.
  24. New England Patriots : Michael Griffin, S, Texas.  The Pats have been crazy in Free Agency, so they can take a bit of a reach on Griffin and let him learn under the best defensive minds in football.
  25. New York Jets: Jon Beason, LB, Miami.  The Jets get a little bit tougher with the hard-hitting Beason.
  26. Philadelphia Eagles : Ray McDonald, DT, Florida.  Andy Reid always drafts the big guys.  Ray McDonald is underrated and has a ton of potential.  People might question this pick at first, but when dealing with the Eagles always assume they pick a big trench fighter.
  27. New Orleans Saints : Greg Olsen, TE, Miami.  This time the Saints draft a TE that stays at TE.  Greg's the only first round worthy TE, but he could add yet another threat to a seriously potent offense.
  28. New England Patriots :Lawrence Timmons, LB, Florida State.  Having two first round picks must be nice, especially with a team so active in free agency.  The Pats could choose to step back into the second round but if they don't look for a linebacker to be targeted.   Timmons is another hard hitting smart linebacker and that's going to make Sweat-Shirt Bill salivate.
  29. Baltimore Ravens : Ryan Harris, OT, Notre Dame.  If you can't get a young quarterback, get a better o-line to protect your old quarterback.  
  30. San Diego Chargers : Dwayne Bowie, WR, LSU.  The Chargers need a Wide Receiver, without question.  They'd like a burner to open the field, but Dwayne's ability to go over the middle will help open up Gates in the flats.
  31. Chicago Bears : Arron Sears, G/T, Tennessee.  Bears give Rex another shot to stay on his feet with some very flexible help on the line.
  32. Indianapolis Colts : David Harris, Michigan, LB.  Cato June leaves, the defense is criticized for being weak on the run.  Harris, fits the bill as a run stuffing LB, albeit one best suited for the middle.