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Quick Bytes

Not a whole lot of huge news but there has been a little bit of action over the last few days.

Byron will be attending the OTA's this spring (early may).  Obviously good news as it will break the silence he's had since being ordaned starting quarterback this season.

TE Jermaine Wiggins was signed for a small (one million) contract.  Wiggins worked under Asst Head Coach Mike Tice with the Vikings.  This is pretty interesting as Jermaine is a pass-catcher, not a blocker.  So the assumption that he's replacing Kyle Brady is not accurate.  This makes me wonder about the progress of Marcades Lewis.  

Some Training Camp and Special Teams Bait were also signed, but little of note.

Jacksonville and Cincy were the only two teams to object to the Revenue-Sharing plan.  While the plan does spread revenue from the top 15 teams to the bottom 17, it does not cover the critical years of 2010 and 2011.

Why are those two years so important you ask?  Well that is when Dallas and the NY teams get their new stadiums and drive revenue up to astronomical levels.  At that point the "lesser" teams will struggle to keep up with the cap increases and all hell breaks loose.

I am pleased that despite the concessions made by the owners that Wayne Weaver stuck to his guns and voted against a half measure.

That's all for now.  Look for another mock draft and some other surprises as the week progresses!