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Gotcha! Jaguars Re-Sign Toefield

In awesome frigging news the Jaguars have resigned running back LaBrandon Toefield.  For the record, our backfield consists of Fred Taylor, Maurice Jones-Drew, Greg Jones, Alvin Pearman, and Toefield.  This is probably the deepest backfield in the NFL.  Two starters, two pounders (Jones and Toefield) and a tweener in Pearman.  

Why am I so excited about Toefield re-signing?  He's a great big all-jobs back that has a nose for goal line carries.  He's healthy and can fill the role that Del Rio designed for Greg Jones while he recovers from ACL surgery.  He's also been targeted by Miami, Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Chicago, and could be great trade bait for less deep teams.

Jacksonville is a Run First team, therefore having the deepest backfield possible is critical for our offense.  We can take an injury to a very critical  role and keep on pounding.

That's what I like to see!