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Quiet Times: Quick Bytes!

All's quiet in the free agency hunt.  Too Quiet, actually.  

However, no smart fan ignores his division, so I'd take a cyber walk over to Battle Red Blog and see what they think of the Texans signing an old as crap Running Back.

Yeah, obviously I'm not much a fan of the Texans, especially their tendency to beat the Jags out of nowhere.  But that dosen't mean I can't rationally look at their overpaying an old guy, NOT finding a new quaterback, NOT getting Jake Plummer (thus far), etc and assume that the Texans arn't gonna take the next step forward.

The Colts have been quiet, doing more cutting than signing, which is to their advantage in this watered down market.

Our Friends to the north, the Titans are also quiet, albeit for the lies and bullshit coming out of PacMan Jones mouth.  Cut him guys, Cut him and walk away.  Get that scum away from your team.

That being said, nothing new to report on from the Jags side of things. Though I have heard a little bit of gossip traveling around the internets. Something about keeping an eye on former Texans TE Mark Bruener. He's a blocking TE in the Kyle Brady Mold. Apperantly he could be the next Jaguars signing, but the team is waiting till prices drop, as he's an 11 year vetran. More info as it comes out.