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Deon Grant: Seattle Seahawk and 3rd Richest Safety

Another free agency loss for Jacksonville happened as Safety Deon Grant went to Seattle for an astounding 30 million dollars.  

I'll miss the guy, but only cause he was a good character and what not.  On the field he certainly left something to be desired, like making the tackle rather than going for the INT and letting up a big play.  He's also not the greatest run stuffer in the world, but that might be because he's next to Donovan Darius, who's really good at it.

Anyhow, he's getting a HUGE contract, but as we've seen lately, all of em are giant and full of 5th and 6th year fluff.  Apperantly the signing bonus was bigger than the 11.1 million Roy Williams of the Cowboys got a few years ago.

This money situation is damn crazy.  Is Deon Grant really the 3rd most valueble safety out there?

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