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Quick Bytes!

Howdy all!  Sorry for the absence, had some school stuff to take care of!

In the SB Nation Mock Draft I elected to take DE Tim Crowder.  I attempted to trade up so I could target a Safety, but given the situation of Griffen and Merriweather going back to back early, I chose to take a DE.  While he's not my first choice, he's a great talent to have on the shelf in the Jags system.  Third round is coming up.

Speaking of DE, Bobby McCray is unhappy with his first round tender.  Now, Bobby was pretty damn good last year filling in for Reggie Hayward, so good in fact that I think he's earned himself a long-term contract.  However he's most certainly overplaying his hand here.  He's a restricted free agent, he can't sit out the whole year, he can't negotiate with other teams, he can sign and play, sit and wait, or be a permanant RFA.  Frankly, I hope the front office shuts him up quickly and signs him to a decent deal.  He gives us depth at DE that we need.  

The very popular and vey unemployed Cortez Hankton was picked up by the Vikings last week.  While Cortez was very popular with fans, his on the field results were pretty slim.  I hope he does well in the great white north.

That's all I got for now.  Look for my final pre-draft mock draft coming up in a few hours!