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Tooting my own horn: Cornerback for the Jags

Allright, I don't like to give myself any points or anything, but I feel like I might have stumbled upon a decent idea by picking Cornerback Leon Hall for the Jags at 17.

You see, there is a decent chance that Hall or Revis will be available at 17, and I think (and so does Vic Ketchman) that taking a cornerback is a great idea.

You see, we can then move Brian Williams, about as physical of a DB that you can get to Free Safety.  Sure, he got a 10 million dollar bonus last season when we picked him up in free agency, but we'd give a free safety that much in bonus if we drafted one, so why not use money already spent.

Seriously, if the draft plays out that the DE's are taken before 17, the top two cornerbacks are available, I say make the move.  We'll have a deadly secondary at that point, which really makes for some exciting times for our defense.

So if 17 comes around and it's Hall or Revis, it's A-O-K by me.