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Draft Eve and all through the house...

Here we are folks, the day before the big day.  In a few short hours, the draft will start and each team will take its turn refreshing their hopes for wins, glory, and for one of them, a ring.  Some teams ( cough cough ) will do less than others, but the injection of hope for the hopeless can't be denied.  We're in the dangerous part of the season where expectations rise and swell in the rising summer temperatures with each selection, where nobody is a bust and everyone has upside.  It's the capstone event of the "silly season" as I call it.

But it's not without a twinge of sadness either.  After the draft we begin the longest four months of the year-round NFL season.  It's a very very long time between the end of the draft and the start of Training Camp.  It's a news-less period where nothing happens, the rumor mills die down and all the pundit-o-cracy can do is make outrageous assumptions about who will win, who will lose, and who will win the big one.

Enough of that metaphysical garbage, let's talk about what really matters.

  •  I'm graduating college in almost exactly a week, hence why my posting has declined in the last two weeks.  Priorities and what not, but after I walk I'll be able to devote myself to this madness just in time for the boring part of the year...go figure.
  • New Era Scouting is about the coolest damn draft site out there.  Aside from the fact that the content is free ( Screw you they have some great writers and good information.  They have a thorough list of each player  that Jacksonville has showed interest in (private workout, team visit, etc).   Notable names include Florida State RB Lorenzo Bookers, FB Brian Leonard, NO WIDE RECEIVERS OR TIGHT ENDS, DE's Ikaika Alama-Francis, Jarvis Moss and LaMarrr Woodley, CB's Leon Hall and Aaron Ross, Safeties, Reggie Nelson, Sabby Piscitelli, and Eric Weddle.  
Obviously the big news there is the absence of wide receivers.  As all of you regular readers know I'm pretty big on Jacksonville taking a cornerback in the 1st round, so seeing Leon Hall on the list is pretty good news.  Leon Hall or Darrelle Revis, depending on draft maddess, could be there at 17 and open a lot of doors.  Personally, If we took a CB in the first, a DE in the second and a Safety like Sabby Piscitelli in the 3rd I'd be pretty damn pleased with the first day.
  • As far as trades go, I don't forsee Jacksonville moving too much.  If they absolutely want Reggie Nelson in the first round they'd have to move above Carolina at 14 and that would cost them at least a 2nd and 3rd  or 2nd and 4th round pick as well as convince St. Louis or Buffalo that the players they need could still be around.  I don't see that happening.  If Vic Ketchman is right that Pittsburgh really wants Auburn Guard Ben Grubbs then perhaps a swap could happen.  If the Jags moved to 15 I'd expect them to take a DE or CB.
  • Everyone should take a moment tonight and hope that a GM picking before Jacksonville watches a few highlight reels of WR Ted Ginn.  Someone really needs to get infatuated with him before the Jags have to decide at 17 whether to pass on him or not.  I'll break down and cry if he's our choice.
  • Speaking of Ted Ginn, everyone who is going around saying he's got a bad attitude because he got hurt celebrating needs to watch the damn play.  He got tackled by his own team in the endzone.  And I'm sorry folks, returing the opening kickoff for a touchdown is damn exciting, he had no idea how the game was going to turn out.  
  • Let's take a look at what the Cybernetic Draft Tek has for the Jags over 7 rounds.  
1.    Ted Ginn WR Ohio State (AAARRRGGGHHHH)
2.    Tanard Jackson FS Syracuse (a 12 spot reach according to the computer)
3.    Ryan Harris OT Notre Dame (O-line depth is good, but I don't see a first day pick spent there)
4.    Zak De Ossie ILB Brown (a 16 spot reach, and we're deep at LB)
5.    Doug Tatish C Ohio State (what?)
6.    DeAndre Jackson CB Iowa State
7.    Jeff Rowe QB Nevada, Derek Schournan FB Boise St, Mkristo Bruce DE Washington State

Umnn...Let's hope things don't quite play out this way.

  • A random sampling of other drafts say: Reggie Nelson FS Florida,  Reggie Nelson FS Florida,  Reggie Nelson FS Florida, Ted Ginn WR OSU, Adam Carriker DE Nebraska, Jarvis Moss DE Florida, Chris Houston CB Arkansas, Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas, Adam Carriker DE Nebraska.
  • Tomorrow I'll be around here all day updating as the action progresses.  Look for Jacksonville's first round pick around 4:00.  I'll post commentary and what not as the important pics pass (AFC South, Carolina, etc)  Feel Free to join me in what should be an exciting first day.