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Jacksonville Picks safety Reggie Nelson

Reggie Nelson = Jaguar!

With the 21st selection in the draft Jacksonville selects REGGIE NELSON, Safety, Florida. In other words, Jacksonville picked up a 3rd and 6th round pick in order to get exactly who they wanted. You don't get more draft savy than that my friends. Our secondary just got a whole lot nastier, Donovan Darius got a lot happier, and we'll clearly be the number one defense in the league.

You can't downplay the draft skill played today by James "Shack" Harris to move up and still get our targeted player. It's probably the best move of the draft thus far, even beating Carolina's fleecing of the Jets.

Learn more about Reggie

I Assume Jacksonville will try to move up in the 2nd to address Defensive End. Look for Quentin Moses, Ray McDonald or Tim Crowder to be our next pick.

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