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Jacksonville selects WR Mike Walker in Round 3

Central Florida WR Mike Walker

Update [2007-4-28 22:45:8 by River City Rage]: Jacksonville traded their 86th pick to Baltimore for what appears to be the 2nd pick in the 4th round and the 29th of the 4th. Not sure though, details as I get em.

With the 79th overall pick in the third round, the Jacksonville Jaguars have selected WR Mike Walker of Central Florida. This is our first offensive pick of the draft and it's a 6'2, 197lb Wide Receiver that runs a 4.35. In other words, another tall fast WR to go with our other three tall, fast Wide Receivers. I was hoping that we'd take Florida DE Ray McDonald with the pick, but we could still grab him in a few picks at 86.

Still, not a bad pick, I'm OK with a lot of depth at Wide Receiver, especially if it motivates our first round picks to defend their jobs. And since we've got another third round pick to play with, a bit of a project is acceptable. I'm not super excited about this pick, but it's not bad either.

I'm catching up a bit from the draft and I've got just a few comments. First and foremost, WTF is up with the Colts trading a first round pick in 2008 for a O-lineman? I know that protecting Manning is an absolute priority for that team, but considering the losses on their defense, the depth of next years draft and the possiblity that they won't be picking at 32 next year, maybe giving up the first is not the best idea. But then again, San Fran did the same thing for the Pats. My god the Pats accumulate draft picks.

Also, the Eagles drafting a 2nd round QB (that was VERY high on the Jags draft board) is pretty crazy too. Is this going to play out like Vick and Schaub? Is this the begining of the end for McNabb? So many questions!

If I were to make a prediction about the Jags next pick, it'll be Ray McDonald. He's the DE depth I think the Jags need.