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Jacksonville Selects Offensive Guard Uche Nwaneri

Purdue Guard Uche Nwaneri

With the 12th pick in the 5th round, Jacksonville selects Offensive Guard Uche Nwaneri. For all three of their 6th round picks. Pick 194,198, and 203. Those picks went to Atlanta. I figured that Jacksonville would use their 8 remaining picks for some movement and there it is.

For the record, that's "OOH-chee wah-NAR-ee. He's 6-3, 325ls, and ran a 5.38 forty yard dash. I'm told, vis a vie the internets that he's got excellent size, is strong and pwerful and that he's got a really nasty demeanor. Sounds like a Jaguar to me. But then again, he's appereantly got some "character concerns", which the team dosen't need. I'll admit my scouting of offensive linement is weak, so I'll defer to the "experts" on this one.

Jacksonville is back on the clock with pick 13.