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Jacksonville Selects DT Derek Landri

Notre Dame Defensive Tackle Derek Landri

With the 29th pick in the 5th round Jacksonville Selects Notre Dame Defensive Tackle Derek Landri.

Derek Landri is a fantastic 5th round selection. Although he's a bit on the smaller size, (6-2, 288) for a defensive tackle, he's a great leader and really shows some brilliance in the pass rush. Obviously the Notre Dame defense is not the greatest and they only excelled with sub-par talent (no offense intended Army). ESPN Insider says that he's a bit lean and could get engulfed by bigger O-linemen and he's clearly a "one-gap" lineman.

Considering who he get's to learn from (Stroud and Henderson), I'd say Derek is an absolute "jar on the shelf" that can take a few seasons to learn the posistion, take some snaps to rest our starters and develop at a steady pace so that he's available should the big guys get injured.

I'm excedingly pleased with the Jaguars focus on defensive depth in this draft as we are clearly determined to have the best and deepest defense in the league this season. While some expected Jacksonville to stock up on Wide Receivers in the second day, it's been all big guys and defense.

Jacksonville does not pick again until the 7th round unless they trade up.