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Jacksonville Selects Wake Forest Safety Josh Gattis

Wake Forest Safety Josh Gattis

With the 13th pick in the 5th round, Jacksonville selects Wake Forest Safety Josh Gattis.

This is a pick that I like. He's a bit of a project but he plays hard, was an all ACC player, and had both 5 interceptions and 70 tackles last season. Even with Nelson, the depth is nice and it only cost a 5th round pick. I wonder if this means the end of Special Teams star Gerald Sensabaugh who occasionally plays safety?

If we wern't going to get Nelson in the first I thought we'd consider him in the late third round. Of course, he played ACC teams and questions exist about his ability to step up at the next level. He's know for his intellegence and aggressiveness. I'll take any player with those two traits. A good pick, probably the best one we've made on the otherwise dissapointing second day.

Jacksonville has the 29th pick in this round as well, with our ammunition gone, look for a possible move back down into the 6th or we'll just sit out the 6th round.

Some big names that are still around: Tim Shaw OLB, Penn State

Kenny Scott, CB, GA Tech

Troy Smith QB, OSU

Derek Landri, DT, Notre Dame

Anthony Arline, CB, Baylor