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Quick Bytes!

Howdy all!

I'm currently at a hotel in Mississippi, and a bit outside the loop on the happenings around the team.  I know it's MiniCamp, and that's always exciting.  Sat is open to the public, so if you're going and want to write about it here, let me know!

This has nothing to do with the Jags but everything to do with the Falcons.  Mike Vick is doomed.  Absoultely doomed.  I can't imagine Roger Goodell "throwing him a bone" if it turns out that the dog-fighting allegations are true.  

I had a drunken conversation with my mom about these issues of players having very poor judgement.  While no solution presented themselves, I think it's clear that the "old-timers" respect for the game and the privilige of playing in the NFL is lost on some players, and should be dumped (the players, not the respect mentality).  

Dumping Vick is a HUGE step, but I'd like the league show the balls required to force a team to lose their number one moneymaker.

Sadly, I don't see that happening.