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Quick Bytes!

Not much to report right now.

Reggie Williams write up is coming later today, that should be interesting.

We'll be having a guest writer here over the next few weeks, you'll love his writing!

While you're searching for Jaguars news of note, read this scary ass story  about Fred Taylor almost dying in a plane accident in Africa.

Also, speaking of Fred Taylor he's staying in Jacksonville for a few more weeks rather than return to South Florida.  This is great news, the more excited Fred is, the better he'll perform.  I totally dig that.

I'm not in the Jacksonville area anymore, but as a former 4 year season ticket holder, I implore you to join the fun and get your great seats.  I don't want to sound like a front office hack, I'm not paid by the team, I don't work for the team, and I'd never try to sell you anything.  But if you're close enough for 9 great sundays and one great monday, visit here and do your part to keep a fantastic team in Jacksonville.

We'll be doing a SB Nation NFL roundtable about Small Market teams over the next few weeks and I'm going first on the issue of Relocation.  Stay tuned for next wednesday when the discussion premieres!

That's all I have for this morning, but look for Reggie Williams later today!