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Quick Bytes!

The often unfriendly Orlando Sentinel highlights the role of Rookie WR Mike Walker.  I've not seen the kid on the field yet, but I like his (grammar lacking) attitude

"Stay quiet; don't talk no trash," he said. "Just go out and do your work and come back."

Also interesting is that Mike and Reggie Nelson have been friends since high school.

More interesting is that Mike says his knee is..

The knee is 100% now, with no residual pain. [and] He feels that the speed is legitimate at 4.35.

Speaking of friendships, Maurice Jones-Drew and rookie DT Derek Landri went to the same prep school in Concord Connecticut and have remained good friends, so much in fact that they've been working out together since well before the draft.  

I like that our rookies have a bit of a support network, despite that there was no way the Jaguars had that in their thoughts on draft day.

Speaking of Maurice, here's a video of some behind the scenes stuff for a Chunky Soup commercial.  It's quite pleasing that a Jag is getting a national ad campaign, despite how annoying Mama McNabb is.  Though, given MJD's personality, I wouldn't be surprised if he turned into a total ad whore like Peyton Manning.  And I almost mean that in a good way.

Middle Linebacker Mike Peterson is expecting a baby soon.  We at Big Cat Country give our best during what must be a very exciting time!

Jack Del Rio took a slight shot at departed offensive coordinator Carl Smith

"It's not that they were horrible, but we feel we can be better," Del Rio said. "We're not settling for that. I was brought in to win a championship."

From the department of exceedingly good news Marcus Stroud is catching on that better off-season workouts mean less missed time from nagging injuries.  Del Rio explains:

"We've talked about it, and he understands the importance [of] this time of year," Del Rio said. "It's like buying insurance. The harder you work, the more you train, the more you build up your body, the more you're able to withstand. If you're a big defensive tackle, you're asked to withstand quite a bit. So I think the great thing is I really feel like he's made a tremendous commitment to being at his very best this year for us, and that's a good sign."

Of course, it could not be a roundup without a few nasty words in the mainstream media.

SI's Andrew Perloff Ranks QB Byron Leftwich at number 27 in his ranking of starting quarterbacks.  Only Losman, Schaub, McCown, Jackson and Frye rank lower.  The top of the list is Manning, Brady, Palmer and Brees.  But the whole list is whacky because Mike Vick is in the top ten, so whatever.

ESPiN starts the dreaded trend of "power rankings", putting our Jags at 14 and says

So, do a quarterback (Byron Leftwich) and head coach (Jack Del Rio) need to like each other for a team to succeed? Guess we'll find out this year in Jacksonville.

Now, somewhere out there is a ranking of off-season action.  This ranks Jacksonville very low.  This is what I call bullshit.  You see, if you accept the premise that Jacksonville does not need a quarterback, then there is no apperant glaring need that they could have/should have addressed in free agency/the draft.  We stockpiled some defensive picks with the draft, got a speedy slot guy in FA, and lost someone we immediately replaced in the Draft.  About the only thing that could improve it would have been drafting someone at Defensive End with the Reggie Hayward/Bobby McCray situation.

That's all for now!